How to Adjust with Thongs for the first time?

How to Adjust with Thongs for the first time?
It was a few weeks back when one of my friends was looking for options to buy his new set of men’s underwear. He being a conventional personality was searching for something like men’s briefs or nothing more revealing than bikini underwear for men. However, I suggested him to try on men’s thong underwear but he consistently disapproved of the same. After a while of ifs and buts with all the melodrama, he finally agreed to buy one single pair and said he would try. The condition was, if he didn’t like the feel of the style, I would have to refund the money to him. We had a deal!! I just had to guide him with a few steps and he finally had his first pair. What did I tell him? Well, we’ve compiled the cheat sheet for men like my friend who really want to try on the....[Read More]

Summer blues: Skincare tips for men

The scorching sun increased temperature and stressed environment can take a toll on your appearance. Earlier, skincare regime for men consisted of aftershave tips and sunburn prevention tricks. With changing time and with physical appearance and personal style taking the front seat, men has become more self-conscious. Good grooming is an integral part of your style statement. Especially, when it comes to beating the heat of summer. The texture of the skin varies from person-to-person. While some men have to deal with the dry flakes others have opposite problem of greasy facial skin. Let us discuss both the conditions one at a time. Dry Skin: Here are some of the precautions that you need to take this summer if you have a dry skin. Dry skin is not so fun during summer as it tends to loose moisture leading to flakiness, itchiness and other related problems. Here are some tips....[Read More]

What to look for while Selecting Thong Underwear?

You must have heard your elders saying that “the first step is the most difficult one” and it truly is. Once you set your mind on something, things will be easier from that moment. Shopping something new is one such forte where if you shop the right pair of men’s underwear, you’ll definitely have a happy experience down there. Though styles like men’s brief underwear or conventional boxers aren’t that difficult to come by but the sexier or the ones that reveal more are trickier. Oh yes, thong underwear for men is an apparel style that calls for focus when you plan to purchase the same from Cover Male. However, you must know that Cover Male Thongs are special and meant for men who desire to feel luxury. Comfort is the key There is nothing more important than the comfort of your male anatomy! If you understand this statement well....[Read More]

5 Common Myths about Men’s Pouch Enhancing Underwear

5 Common Myths about Men’s Pouch Enhancing Underwear | Cover Male
There are variety of underwear types that are available for men to provide ultimate level of comfort. Out of all those underwear types, men’s pouch enhancing underwear are increasingly popular due to comfort, sex appeal and strategic support. There are number of people around the world who are increasingly going for this men’s pouch underwear. However, there are certain people who are still reluctant about wearing this men’s pouch underwear due to the one or the other reasons. Several myths that are stopping people from wearing this special pocket underwear are as follows: Myth 1 They can lead to infertility in men One of the primary reason which is responsible for the low preference for this specially designed underwear among men is the fear of being infertile. Some people tend to say that these tight fitting underwear makes enormous pressure on the male scrotum which affects the production of semen....[Read More]

Valentine’s Day – How to Celebrate it with Yourself

Valentine’s Day- How to Celebrate it with Yourself | Cover Male
Earlier this week, I was talking to a friend of mine who recently had a break-up. While the conversation was on, he told me about how he felt when Valentine’s Day was just around the corner. With all the preparations going on at various stores and brands, it made him feel sulkier with the thought that he’ll be all by himself. It was then I decided to feature something that all the singles or the guys who’re going to be all by themselves this Valentine’s Day. What if you don’t have a partner, you have yourself to spend a fun-filled day. This blog would lay out the things you can do to celebrate the day of love with yourself. Have a workaholic day/guys day out This year Valentine’s Day being a weekday, it is a probability that you most of you would be working. For those of you who are,....[Read More]

Goods and Bads of Running Shorts

Goods and Bads of Running Shorts | Cover Male
Meant for men who love freedom and spaciousness, the collection of men’s running shorts is what fulfills the idea. The idea is taken to the top and being one of the unique assortments by Cover Male, you as men must take a look at the products. The shorts are designed for utmost comfort and breathability down there in order to prevent chafing. By construction or in terms of looks, you’d find a U-cut apparel that features a loose construction, high cuts on the sides, no visible waistband, center seam on the pouch but no definition for the masculinity which provides minimal or no support to the same. The cuts also allow leg movements while exercising or any other activities whereas; the same can be seen as an opportunity to flaunt a lot of skin. GOODS of Running Shorts Fabric With a consistent fabric composition of 86% Polyamide and 14% Spandex,....[Read More]

Men’s Sheer Underwear – How to Turn your Partner On?

Men’s Sheer Underwear- How to Turn your Partner On | Cover Male
Most guys think they’re great guys! In addition to this, they take their belief to the next level by getting into a relation that they think they handle. However, sometimes things go wrong and then they lose their partner. Well, it is not always difficult to get into a relationship but what is a task is to handle that relationship satisfying the needs of the other. Playfulness, being naughty and getting intimate with your partner is one of the needs that is inevitable. But, what matters here is if you don’t good, you’re gonna lose it all which you obviously don’t want. Hence, this blog talks about men’s sheer underwear and how you can turn on your partner wearing it for your next encounter. Dress to kill You know what you’re wearing underneath, but don’t let her see through to the see-through style until you shed the outfit. Let her....[Read More]

4 Fun Things to do this New Year

5 Fun Things to do this New Year | Cover Male
I am sure your family and friends would have already made their list of things that they’ll be doing the coming New Year. Have you made up your mind? Whatcha gonna do to make your beginning of the year happening? Well, if you’re on the same track that this blog is talking about, you must go on and read it till the end. This might come of some help if you are looking for options that will brighten your time with your friends or your partner the coming year. Find below the fun options that you can do on New Year. 1.Throw a party at home Partying is what men do and they do it really well. Well, if you are entering into a new year, have friends to be around and you’re happy about, throw a party for them. You need not spend a lot on the food and....[Read More]

How to Dress for Christmas (for Chubby Men)?

How to Dress for Christmas (for Chubby Men) | Cover Male
For Christmas, the biggest dilemma for a woman or even a man is to choose the right clothes that make them look flattering. The problem heightens if you are slightly on the chubbier side because there are those men with God gifted physiques who can pull off any damn look without even trying. Taking my own example, it takes me the entire month to figure out the clothes while the constant thoughts ticking in the head that will it suit me? Will it look good on me on an actual day? And and so much more. It becomes more of a challenge to look good and feel comfortable in whatever you plan to wear for the Christmas parties or gatherings if you are carrying those extra pounds. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way and with this thought, you can actually look good this Christmas. 1.Adopt a body defining....[Read More]

Why choose Men’s underwear for Gifting this Season?

Why choose Men’s underwear for Gifting this Season | Covermale
Finding a suitable gift for a man can be really tricky because the options are so limited. However, the trends are changing and so are the options but men’s underwear would always make an ideal option for many. Why is underneath fashion an ideal choice? That’s exactly what this blog talks about and would lay out the reasons for the same. Intimacy There can never be a better reason for a man to get a pair of men’s g-string underwear as a gift. Intimacy is something that keeps a relationship going. The funny or the ironical part is that if you stop paying attention to your partner, the intimacy is lost somewhere and one has to do everything possible to spice it up or even bring it back in their life. Hence, if you are looking for a round 2 with your partner, buy him sexy thong underwear. Functionality Men’s....[Read More]