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Go sleek Go sexy with Cover Male Sheer Underwear

Go sleek Go sexy with Cover Male Sheer Underwear

With the dapper look and the background so apt, the colors available in the foreground come quite brightly to the eyes. The model so handsome with the chiseled body is very hard to look past, but the men’s underwear he’s wearing is even more appealing. The colors are ecstatic and so is the construction.

Cover Male Sheer Underwear

The see through underwear by Cover Male is definitely meant to kill by the looks. With the sheer and solid design, every feature by the brand is aptly placed. Called as the Sensuality Thong by the brand, it certainly oozes out the sex appeal that can get you what you’re looking for behind the closed doors.

Cover Male Sheer Underwear
Made of 92% nylon and 8% spandex, the brand looks forward to providing the most sweat-free, comfortable and breathable feeling down there with this thong underwear for men. Talking about how the pair looks, you’d find a wide solid fabric pouch that shows off nothing and comforts the manhood. The other parts of the fabric are made out of the sheer and let you have a closer glance at the skin.

Find the pair and its other colors at

4 Questions about Thongs you need to Ask

Ask yourself

Don’t we all keep a constant search on how to dress well and have questions constantly popping up of what will look good on us, how will I be able to leave a lasting impression and more? These are some of the many questions that keep you occupied when it comes to men’s underwear too. However, with the conventional styles right there, they don’t get you to that point where you are intrigued or have questions, but something like thong underwear for men.

You might or might not have seen the sexy underwear, but when you did for the first time or even you think about it, those questions should come up in your head.

QuestionsThis blog should come in functional to you when you think about the sensuous style the next time. It lays down questions for you that you need to ask yourself when you think about thongs.

  • 1. Why do you need to buy it?

    This has to be the first question no matter when you buy it for yourself. Asking yourself the reason to buy the style makes having it even more important. Hence, you need to ask yourself whether you want it for the boy’s night out or your anniversary that’s on your head, just ask yourself this question and when you have that answer, go ahead and buy it.


  • 2. Who benefits from the same?

    What do you think who benefits when you wear skimpy thongs? Is it you who wears the pampers the manhood or the partner who gets to see the same on you? The answer to these would be – both. You get to feel the luxurious fabric on the assets with the sexiness that the cuts provide. On the other hand, when your partner sees the same on you, I’m sure the visual appeal will be so sexy that you’re going to get lucky.

  • Who

    3. Which variant should you buy?

    With the gamut of thong-like styles available in the market, you just have to ask yourself which one is made for you and pick the same. However, in between of asking which style to pick and actually picking the one, you should be thinking “will you be able adjust with them?”, “what to look for in your thongs?”, “with your physique which style would suit you?” and other factors like these. Once sorted out, you are all set to buy your pair fro thongs, g-string underwear or even a c-string.


  • 4. Where should you buy it?

    Last but not the least, the question that makes the biggest difference is where should you be buying the style from? Is that store even worth your consideration? Do your part of R&D and make sure that whatever brand store you pick, it serves you with the best one for your below the belt.


With these questions in mind, you will be able to make your choice in a better.


Reasons to broaden your mind about See Through Underwear

Reasons to broaden your mind about See Through Underwear

Have you ever thought about switching from your conventional men’s underwear to something sexier like see through underwear? With the times changing so fast and the intimate wear industry moving with the same, men have been exposed to a gamut of apparel styles that not only look sexy but have the capability to make a difference below the belt. Whether you talk about running shorts for men to the cheeky underwear, the collection is far and wide.

Just like men found it quite difficult adjusting with the thong underwear or the g-strings for men, sheer is one fabric style that men need to open up to and broaden their mindsets. It is that trend which is certainly here to stay and improves your below the belt fashion effortlessly.

  • 1. It’s like a breath of fresh air

    When you pick something whose name itself says see through, how can you even think it won’t make your assets breathe better? The structure itself is made to give that happy, breathable, airy and comfortable feeling that you’ve desired from your intimate wear. With the knot-like structure properly placed together, the air gets a lot of space to go in and come out. Hence, it’s a win-win situation.

It’s like a breath of fresh air

  • 2. Mesh and sheer are different fabrics

    You might have seen the stores clubbing both sheer and mesh together on one page with the name being either mesh or sheer. That’s because either category products are not in a large number. However, the difference that you should know in order to get a better understanding is that sheer makes it’s quite visible inside-out whereas; mesh is generally not showy. So, you get to choose what calls for your taste buds.

  • 3. Mesh offers support

    It is not only mesh that has the ability to support the male anatomy, sheer too can do the same. The construction is what deciphers whether a pair would support the masculinity or not. At Cover Male, you can expect support from the men’s bikini category to the men’s thongs as well.

Mesh offers support

  • 4. It moves with your body

    If you stay up on your feet most of the time and need that kind of underwear which moves around with you, mesh with any apparel style would be a fair enough idea.

It moves with your body

Hope this would clear the doubts and make the style more considerable for you. If you have any questions about the same, please let us know in the comments below.

Go sleek yet Visible with Cover Male Enhancing Thong

Go sleek yet Visible with Cover Male Enhancing Thong

Have you ever felt the need to be noticed? We all do – at some point or the other, everyone thinks that they should be visible. With this in mind, Cover Male Underwear launched its pouch enhancing underwear collection that brings your manhood to a level where you’ll be noticed quite well. And, that’s exactly what you need when you know all about pouch underwear and its benefits.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong

If you see the image, the Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong worn by the model is what gives you complete satisfaction below the belt. The low rise fit with the sleek coverage, the men’s thong underwear holds the assets to the best of its ability and looks stunning on the outside. The pair not only fulfills your need of revealing the assets but also lifts the package to a position where it’ll be visible even in the pants. The solid color with the tiny construction, you wouldn’t have to try too hard.

The fabric composition of 86% polyamide and 14% spandex, you get to have the signature composition down there. You can wear it every day to work or keep it as a novelty for the romantic evenings.

Find the color options and the sizes available at

Think of Bikinis – Think online shopping

Think of Bikinis - Think online shopping

Asking you about what a bikini is would be like asking you what did you eat for breakfast today. Everyone knows that it is intimate wear style that women have been wearing for way too many years now.


No, this is partially right!!

The style has been evolving in the men’s underwear industry as well and is called as men’s bikini.

Did you just think about that??

The purpose of the fashion underwear style is same but the work is what makes all the difference right there. The right men’s bikini underwear caresses and loves your skin without gaps or wrinkles, and accentuates what you have without drawing attention to the not-so-good.

If you haven’t yet thought about buying and wearing it the right way, you should start doing it right away..with online shopping kept in mind. You know the benefits of online shopping right??

Let us look at the tips that you must remember while buying men’s bikinis online.

1. Measure yourself and be prepared to find the ideal product

The first step in online shopping for your pouch underwear would be to measure yourself carefully and be prepared. No matter what style you pick whether it is bikinis or your tighty whiteys or even the thong underwear for men, measurement is essential. To help you on this end, the online stores have a ‘size chart’ on every product page to give you a better fit.

2. Be certain with the return policies before you place the order

Being an avid shopper, you should always go through the return policies and the shipping policy before you end up regretting your decision. You must not end up buying the pairs blindly and lose faith in the other sites as well.

3. Comparison is easier

When it comes to online shopping, price comparison is also quite prevalent. Here, you can easily pick one product and see all the sites with the different prices. If you are buying from the brand store itself, you can be certain, but otherwise, comparing is a good idea for you to shop sensibly. Bikinis by Cover Male are loved worldwide for some of the other reasons. Shopping from would be a wiser idea.

4. Consider your physique – and pick the right cut

Another best part about shopping bikinis online would be seeing that which cuts or style would be best for your physique. Where the lean personalities can opt for string bikinis, the chiseled ones should go for Brazilian cuts and the bulkier men have the option to cover and define their assets with conventional coverage, you get to see and buy the style.

You below the belt fashion matters a lot and you can improve the same very easily by picking the right bikini for yourself.

Trend alert – See through underwear

Trend alert - See through underwear

When you talk about men’s see through underwear or what is commonly called as sheer underwear, you have two distinct options to choose from. One is seen as close-knit making it lace-like while the other has broader knots which makes this one more revealing.

You might want the men’s underwear style to be your companion in the summer months for various reasons, but we would say that now’s the time to pick your favorite because the trend calls for it. The autumn months and the fall call for the heat (not what you think) that you and your partner share.

At Cover Male, we’ve picked up 5 sexiest pieces perfect for the various things you do all around the year.

  • Ideal for everyday..Style and Comfort Bikini Brief:

    This part sheer part solid bikini brief underwear is an ideal pair of underwear that offers the right support to your masculinity and even hugs your body the way you want it to. With the curvaceous sides left to be seen, it is the front and the back covered to the absolute for the masculine appeal. The low-hanging contouring pouch keeps a check on the manhood for the regular days with the sexiness intact.

Men's Bikini Brief

  • Ideal for sports..Quality Jockstraps:

    By sports, we mean that you can indulge in light workouts with the highly sexy Quality Jockstrap by Cover Male. With the front exposed in sheer, the sides of the pouch cover the manhood and the conventional men’s jockstrap back is what keeps everything in place. In fact, the back design makes sure that you are properly ventilated while sweating and playing your sport.

Men's Jockstraps

  • Ideal for friends night out..Daring Slip Thong:

    How often do you shop your sheer? When it comes to a night out with friends, you need something that would look fresh, crisp and not to forget sexy. After all, night outs are all about enjoying, sharing stories and flaunting yourself. So, The Cover Male Daring Slip Thong is surely one of the most daring pieces by the brand. From the best seller collection of thong underwear for men, this pair reveals the manhood to the best of the ability and a traditional back.

Men's Thong Underwear

  • Ideal for dates..Passion Bikini Brief:

    When life calls for an evening with your partner, you cannot just pick anything because you know how it’ll all come to an end. Just to make sure sparks happen, Passion Bikini Brief is what you can depend on. The show-all and hide-nothing pouch underwear are all about getting to the point without wasting any time. The broad-knit of the pair makes sure that nothing is hidden from you and your partner for good.

Men's Bikini Brief

What’s your purpose? Make the most of the style when it’s there with you and you ample options to do it.

Twist your conventions with Cover Male Cheeky Underwear

Twist your conventions with Cover Male Cheeky Underwear

When it comes to Cover Male Underwear, there are a lot of things that are pepped up and heightened. From the bar of happiness with the colors that the men’s underwear brand offers to the ways with which you can actually improve your below the belt style and much more. Cover Male has always been striving to bring the best because it understands how important the intimate fashion is. The collection that we’ll be focusing on in this blog is of men’s cheeky underwear because it is the one that is not easily offered by a lot of brands, but the brand masters the art.

Cover Male Cheeky Boxer

The Cover Male Cheeky Boxer is what still brings the best of you to the forefront even when the same has been there with the brand for quite so many years. If you take a closer look, it is a style that blends in boxer brief underwear with skimpy cuts to give you the twist from the conventional pieces. With the butts being revealed by the high cuts, the front looks clean like a bikini underwear that supports the manhood. The low-rise fit with a front that appeals the manhood, the pouch enhancing underwear is sure to get your attention.

Cover Male Cheeky Boxer

The fabric composition that you’d slip into is 86% polyamide and 14% spandex. Hence, you can wear the same as underwear as well as men’s swimwear too.

How often should you buy new sheer underwear?

How often should you buy new sheer underwear?

I have argued a lot about mastering the art of having a men’s underwear, how to improve your intimate fashion, how many pairs you must have and so much more. The bottom line of discussing all this is nothing but – to keep your manhood in check without being too pushy. Now, another question that has bumped me is how often should you buy new men’s see-through underwear? When should actually throw away your old undies for that matter?

Change Underwear Daily

When it comes to how often you should replace your intimate wear, I don’t find any hard-and-fast rule that when can you replace your below the belt fashion. I would always change mine when I start to feel that they’re starting to wear off and lose their charm. I definitely wear different styles in the summer months as well as in the winters. There are some styles that I have for more than 3 years, but I don’t get rid of them because of they still  — so some of my bras are more than 5 years old but I don’t want to throw them out as they are still in great shape.

    • They’ve lost their shape

      Your size changes. You keep on changing from time to time which results in loosening of the fabric. The fabric also wears off when you’ve been wearing the same for quite a long time. Hence, you need to pick a new one rather than continuing with the same.

Old Underwear

    • When they become uncomfortable

      Sheer is believed to get comfortable and soft with time on the assets. A number of washes are all that it takes. However, there are some fabrics which after several washes start coming off and pinching in the skin. Whether the same leaves rashes on the inner thighs or you have to keep adjusting the fit of the same, the feeling of discomfort is still there. Change it.


    • You’re in with the same partner

      If you were changing partners, it would have been okay to show off your oldies and your partner wouldn’t come to know. But, if you are in with the same person and do not want the fire between you two to settle down, you need to have more of these. Why not buy a stock in every 4-5 months to renew your sexiness in the bedroom?

    • If it’s been long that you’ve shopped

      Talking about how OFTEN, you need to figure out how often do you shop. If you haven’t been shopping since Adam’s age, you need to start thinking over about it. Moreover, you need to keep up with the shopping because intimate wear gets dirty over time (that’s why it’s intimate) and should be flipped and bought new.


Change or buy the new ones every 4 months if you wear them often. How often do you change yours? Do let us know in the comments below.

The only G-String physique advises you need to know

all you need for g-strings!!

G-string. Have you ever heard this term anywhere else except for you guitar’s g-string? You should have but if you haven’t, the respective word is also used for the men’s underwear category that reveals it all and is made for the pleasing benefits of the wearer as well as the one who gets pleased with the same. The collection of g-strings for men have been around for years but still, haven’t been accepted by men like thong underwear for its skimpy design.

Cover Male G-String

But, if you have accepted the sexy underwear style, you have come past the feeling of constrictive fabrics, bulky designs and more. Then there’ll be men out there who are willing to try the style but are abstaining for some or the other reasons.

How do you know which style to pick and how to look good in them? That’s exactly we’ll look at in this blog.

  • Pick the style that suits your body type:

    No matter how you look and what body type you have, g-strings well chosen will surely compliment you. At Cover Male, you would find options that would cover you like thongs to the skimpiest of them all. If you are on the bulkier side, you can pick the one that has a broad waistband to keep the waist defined whereas; if you are lean to average, string waistband to hang around down there.

  • Keep a watch on the size you pick:

    DO NOT pick a smaller size when it comes to g-strings. Things can turn nasty if you do and you would not change how you’d feel about the style anymore. You CAN always pick a bigger size in order to feel the comfort of the string between the butt cheeks. You obviously don’t want it to hurt you in the most sensitive area. Hence, a size bigger than what you choose for your men’s bikinis or even jockstrap underwear would be a feasible idea.

  • Keep a check on your diet:

    This is the biggest concern for many as they don’t find themselves fit for the pouch enhancement underwear style. They are conscious of being bulky and thinking whether it’ll good on them or not. Well, if you are so concerned, you can always have a diet that would make your body look more appealing and give you a healthy lifestyle. Opt for food items that abstain you from fatty things that make you crave for more. Eat healthily and it will automatically show up in your physique.

If you’d feel confident within, you would be able to look good on the outside no matter what you wear. It doesn’t take a lot to be prepped below the belt, all you need is the will power to transform and a pair of skivvies.

Are you feeling patriotic? – Cover Male Flag Underwear is there for you

Are you feeling patriotic? - Cover Male Flag Underwear is there for you

How do you let your patriotic spirit be seen to the others? You can do a lot of things including having a pair of men’s underwear that boasts about your feelings. Cover Male Underwear has a unique line of flag underwear that features a gamut of styles for every personality.

Cover Male USA Slip Thong Print

Cover Male USA Slip Thong Print

The Cover Male USA Slip Thong is what we’ve chosen to talk about in this blog for this speaks volumes about how sexy you are. The skimpy cum supportive flag underwear that covers the front to the best whereas; the back is revealed to tempt. With the flag print handsomely laid on the pouch as well as the minimal fabric strip in the back waist, you get to have a supported fit throughout. The waistband is broad, elastic and sturdy to keep things in place.

With a composition of 83% polyester and 17% spandex, you surely are going to love the feeling that stays with you for a longer shelf life. The men’s thong underwear is ideal for men who are fashion lovers and prefer to keep things in place. In addition, the pouch is what comforts the manhood adding to the support that the same needs.

Find out the collection at