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4 Questions about Thongs you need to Ask

Ask yourself

Don’t we all keep a constant search on how to dress well and have questions constantly popping up of what will look good on us, how will I be able to leave a lasting impression and more? These are some of the many questions that keep you occupied when it comes to men’s underwear too. However, with the conventional styles right there, they don’t get you to that point where you are intrigued or have questions, but something like thong underwear for men.

You might or might not have seen the sexy underwear, but when you did for the first time or even you think about it, those questions should come up in your head.

QuestionsThis blog should come in functional to you when you think about the sensuous style the next time. It lays down questions for you that you need to ask yourself when you think about thongs.

  • 1. Why do you need to buy it?

    This has to be the first question no matter when you buy it for yourself. Asking yourself the reason to buy the style makes having it even more important. Hence, you need to ask yourself whether you want it for the boy’s night out or your anniversary that’s on your head, just ask yourself this question and when you have that answer, go ahead and buy it.


  • 2. Who benefits from the same?

    What do you think who benefits when you wear skimpy thongs? Is it you who wears the pampers the manhood or the partner who gets to see the same on you? The answer to these would be – both. You get to feel the luxurious fabric on the assets with the sexiness that the cuts provide. On the other hand, when your partner sees the same on you, I’m sure the visual appeal will be so sexy that you’re going to get lucky.

  • Who

    3. Which variant should you buy?

    With the gamut of thong-like styles available in the market, you just have to ask yourself which one is made for you and pick the same. However, in between of asking which style to pick and actually picking the one, you should be thinking “will you be able adjust with them?”, “what to look for in your thongs?”, “with your physique which style would suit you?” and other factors like these. Once sorted out, you are all set to buy your pair fro thongs, g-string underwear or even a c-string.


  • 4. Where should you buy it?

    Last but not the least, the question that makes the biggest difference is where should you be buying the style from? Is that store even worth your consideration? Do your part of R&D and make sure that whatever brand store you pick, it serves you with the best one for your below the belt.


With these questions in mind, you will be able to make your choice in a better.


The key to dressing well while still being yourself

Just be yourself

From street style dressing to the corporate powerhouse, the fashion for men is definitely going places. The endless styles and the never-ending fashion quotient may leave you baffled at the time. However, the best way to embrace the stylish side of your personality is by being yourself. It is better to be yourself as an original is worth more than a copy. Improving the personal style is one concern that has been disturbing the fashion conscious men over a very long time. However, you need not follow the fashion connoisseurs, in order to make your style quotient. You need not follow anyone else to look different.

Here’s a compilation of few of the quickfire steps that can help you look edgy without changing yourself.

1. Roll your sleeves

Roll your sleeves

You need not buy a new shirt for you every time you’re trying to look different. You must have heard people saying that you need to come out of your comfort zone and explore the current trend, in order to look appealing. Believe me, you don’t have to! Just the way you carry yourself and your attire can make a huge difference. Just pick the shirt that you usually wear and roll up the sleeves. According to women, “There’s nothing special about the long sleeve of a shirt, but it becomes 10 times sexier when a man rolls them up”.

2. Accessorize

Stylizing the attire with the right set of ensemble is a topic that has been discussed time and again. Accessorizing your clothes appropriately can turn the simplest attire into a center of attention. Here’s how it can be done.

Men's Accessory

A part of the class of a man is defined by the wristwatch. Having at least one watch in your collection is highly recommended for every man. However, it should be versatile enough to be paired with the formal as well as casual clothes.

A guy in sunglasses is irresistible. This is not just a staple to protect your eyes from sunlight, dirt, and dust, but is a perfect way to add dimension to your overall personality.

It is a well-known fact that the footwear is the first thing that is noticed in a person. So, no matter which style of shoes you choose, make sure that they are clean and well-polished. This is one aspect that can make or break your look, so, invest in the right pair of shave shoes.

The scarf has become an inevitable part of the men’s fashion for last few years. So, pair a scarf with your shirt or t-shirt and you’ll notice the difference yourself.

3. Maintain a stubble

Maintain Stubble

Hit the right note between having unruly beards and well-trimmed stubble. This is one way to leave a lasting impression. The well-groomed masculine characteristic is something that every woman find attractive. A clean-shaven face is adorable, but a guy with a light stubble appears masculine and alluring. So, keeping a bit of beard is always recommended. However, make sure that you maintain it properly. Moreover, it should be noted that the stubble would match your face cut and personality. Get them trimmed in a saloon and seek help from an expert to get the bang on trend look.

4. Layer up

Layer Up Clothing

Layering your clothes is the best way to an edge over others. Conventionally, a shirt, vest, and suit during winter and for formal occasions specifically. However, layering doesn’t mean being in a tuxedo and strict formals. You can even layer your clothes during Summer. There are thin hoodies and summer jackets available in the market. Even for a semi-formal look, you can pair the t-shirts with the coat. Pair the attire with a trendy scarf and this will change the game plan. Along with this, consider the lowest layer of your clothing as well. Wear the right style of men’s underwear and this will accentuate your personality. Pouch enhancing underwear will enhance the visibility of your front profile. The seamless underneath article like men’s thong is perfect to take your style to the next level without compromising your true self.

5. Indulge in grooming

Groom yourself properly and it will add to your style. You need not for a manicure, pedicure like the ladies. Just keeping you neat and fresh is enough. Remove the unwanted hair of your body. Bathe properly and wash your face at regular interval. Use the right fragrance of men’s cologne. Stay fresh and you can turn head even in your usual clothes.

Were these points helpful? Drop us a comment below.

Essential Tips on How a Man Should Dress for a Wedding

Invited to a wedding and not sure what to wear? Do not worry! We have covered some of the fashion do’s and do not’s for such occasion. Getting an appropriate attire of attending a wedding can be tough at times. Whether you’re the best man or just a guest, looking sharp and dressing according to the nines is important. You can even upstage the dashing groom. All you need to so is to make the right decision and select the right ensemble.

Before we discuss the things that you should be doing before heading for a wedding, let us first run you through the things that you should avoid doing.

  1. Whether you’re of for the wedding of an English chapel or a French guy, make sure that you do not wear white. White with a blend of contrasting shades like navy, black will give you a bang on look. However, complete white is the apt color for the auspicious occasion.
  2. Do not go in your casuals attire. If you’re at a wedding that is not very strict about the dress code, then, you can go with smart casual. However, even the semi-formal look should have a right amount of decency. Don’t go for the bright color and patterned designs. Sophistication is the key for such events.
  3. For the relaxed dress code, the t-shirt paired with jeans and blazer is ideal. However, the denim should be elegant. Make sure that you don’t don any of your rugged styles or sagging jeans.
  4. Do not ignore the accessories that will go with the attire. Right from the wristwatch to the footwear, everything should match your outfit. Moreover, the ensemble should be according to the event and the dress code.

Having discussed the do not’s of this occasion, here are some of the tips that take your style to the cutting edge. Have a look.

1.  Attire:

No matter the dress code, the attire and your look should flaunt your sophistication and class. Tuxedo scores as the perfect option for weddings and other related ceremonies. If you are going for this traditional outfit, then, you’ve to very particular about how you carry it. Choose the classic color combination of dark and light. White shirts paired with darker pants and suit is ideal. The general thumb rule is that at least 1/4th of the shirt cuff should visible from your suit. The trouser should fit you perfectly and the length should end right above the shoes. The snug fit style leads to visible underwear line. So, make sure that you wear a seamless style of the men’s underwear.

Well Dressed Man

Other than the tuxedo, you can even go for a semi-formal look. You can even go for the suit crafted in velveteen fabric, but make sure that it is not very shiny. The shirt paired with a well-fitted suit, trouser and a neck tie can do the magic for you. The semi-formal can be a bit a laid back, but make sure it’s not every casual. At times, even a combination of t-shirt and blazer can give you an edgy look. Pair the attire with a pouch enhancing underwear for men. It will accentuate your front profile, thus, adding a flair of confidence in your attitude.

2.  Color Combination:

A dark suit is the foundation for such ensemble. The shade of the blazer or suit should match the color of the trouser. At the same time, it should compliment your shirt. Wearing the same color of shirt and trouser is the biggest fashion blunder committed by men.

Along with this, the color of the shoes should match the colors of your belt. The socks should blend with the shade of the footwear that you’re wearing.

3. Accessories:

Accessories play a major role in complete the look for wedding and other such occasions. Here’s what you need to consider.

Starting from the top, the accessories of the suit should be taken care of. The pocket square should match your shirt.

Men's Accessories

While the tie should match the suit and contrast the shade of the shirt. Choose an elegant pair of cufflink for your shirt.


The shoes will define your overall personality. Wear a clean pair of shoes. Oxford or Monk Strap shoes is ideal. As mentioned above, the color should compliment your trouser. Going with classic shades is the best option.

Black Monk Strap Shoes

Along with the outer garment and accessories, the inner garment is equally important. The undershirt shirt should not be darker that your shirt. There are chances of visible of underwear line as you’ll be wearing fitted trouser. So, wear a seamless style of underneath articles such as men’s thong underwear or anything of this sort.

Final say

It need not be mentioned that along with the clothing, you self-grooming is equally important. Just a bit of effort can even help overshadow the handsome groom and the blushing bride.

How to Adjust with Thongs for the first time?

How to Adjust with Thongs for the first time?

It was a few weeks back when one of my friends was looking for options to buy his new set of men’s underwear. He being a conventional personality was searching for something like men’s briefs or nothing more revealing than bikini underwear for men. However, I suggested him to try on men’s thong underwear but he consistently disapproved of the same.

After a while of ifs and buts with all the melodrama, he finally agreed to buy one single pair and said he would try. The condition was, if he didn’t like the feel of the style, I would have to refund the money to him. We had a deal!! I just had to guide him with a few steps and he finally had his first pair.

What did I tell him? Well, we’ve compiled the cheat sheet for men like my friend who really want to try on the skimpy styles like thongs or even g-string underwear for men without having any regret.

1. Get to know the styles available

In the hurry to pick the piece, men don’t notice that there is a wide variety in terms of coverage and cuts. As a result, with something that doesn’t let the comfort level set in, they don’t find the style apt. From conventional style to the tangas, g-strings and other variants, every one has its own charm. However, the conventional is where you start climbing the stairs and finally end at the other exotic underwear styles.

2. Cotton is your savior

Saying yes to synthetic fibers is a big NO-NO! Cotton is what you should start with because no other fabric can provide you the best feeling in the start. The soft touch, no rashes, moisture absorbency, comfortable appeal and other characteristic features make it the ideal fabric. Cotton has characteristic traits that will soothe you, comfort your male anatomy as well as give you breathable experience down there.

3. Go for a bigger size

What’s the biggest problem you guys face in thongs? The majority of you would have said that the back string is what causes all the problem. Well, the basic hack to this problem is to buy a bigger size than what you wear. A size up would keep it from riding up the butt crack and keep you feeling comfortable.

With these tricks, you would settle down with the sexiest apparel style. And, just so you know, my friend is head over heels now for thongs and is a changed personality.

Summer blues: Skincare tips for men

The scorching sun increased temperature and stressed environment can take a toll on your appearance. Earlier, skincare regime for men consisted of aftershave tips and sunburn prevention tricks. With changing time and with physical appearance and personal style taking the front seat, men has become more self-conscious. Good grooming is an integral part of your style statement. Especially, when it comes to beating the heat of summer.

The texture of the skin varies from person-to-person. While some men have to deal with the dry flakes others have opposite problem of greasy facial skin.

Let us discuss both the conditions one at a time.

Dry Skin: Dry Skin

Here are some of the precautions that you need to take this summer if you have a dry skin.

  1. Dry skin is not so fun during summer as it tends to loose moisture leading to flakiness, itchiness and other related problems. Here are some tips to keep your skin hydrated.
  2. Using face lotion and moisturizer daily can help heal the dry flakes. Moisturize it twice a day in morning and afternoon. Sun block lotion with SPF 30 or higher is a must before you leave home.
  3. Omega-3 supplements are indispensable for maintaining a healthy skin and body. So, go for healthy fats like omega-3 fish oil fatty acids.
  4. Lack of hydration is the main cause of dry skin in the active male. Eight ouches of water are probably not providing you enough moisture. So, drink at least 12 glasses of water in a day.
  5. Avoid the use of skincare products with alcoholic ingredients as they add to the dryness and irritation.

In some cases, dry skin is not a skin condition, but a consequence of using harsh soap and products. So, make sure that you use mild soap with low pH, otherwise, it can disrupt the outer layer of your skin cause inflammation.

Oily skin:

Oily Skin

The greasy forehead and shiny face are one of the most notorious skin conditions that are tough to deal with. Try out the below-mentioned tips and manage the facial oil.

  1. Wash your face with a mild face wash at least twice a day. Splashes of cold water on your face during the afternoon is a must as this is the time when skin excretes most oil. Make the skincare regime a daily habit.
  2. Your face is already producing enough oil, so, use oil-control skincare products. However, despite all the grease, your skin still needs to be moisturized. So, use an oil-free moisturizer and apply it after every face wash.
  3. Oily facial skin is prone to pimples. Use products with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Both are skin soothing ingredients and highly recommended by dermatologists.
  4. The greasy nose tempts your to touch and wipe the oil away, but avoid touching your face. Use a wet tissue or soft handkerchief instead. Along with this, it is recommended not to overuse the skincare products like oil control lotions, scrubs and face washes.

Having discussed the various skin condition and tips to manage them, here are some of the know-hows of skincare that every man needs to know for this summer.



Exfoliating your skin is something that goes without saying during this season. The dust and pollution clog the skin pores. Proper exfoliation removes the dead skin cell and uncovers fresh new cells below. Wet your face and neck area and massage it. Then, apply the scrub properly and rinse it with lukewarm water. Do this at least once or twice a day.

Use sun protection and moisturizer:

Sunprotection & Moisturizer

Keep your hydrated and make sure that you don’t skip the facial moisturizer. Avoid oil-based moisturizers and go for water-based lotions. The direct rays of sun rupture the skin cell. The harmful UV rays may result in redness, irritation and even skin cancer. So, never leave home without applying sunscreen lotion. It’ll be better if you find a moisturizer with SPF 50 or higher.



Facial hair of men and stubble are not only sexy, but and even provide UV protection. So, you can keep light beards, but don’t let the forest grow. Remember to apply an aftershave lotion after shaving as it leads to instant dryness. The lotion should have an antiseptic to prevent infection and moisturizer.

Facial hair of men and stubble are not only sexy, but and even provide UV protection. So, you can keep light beards, but don’t let the forest grow. Remember to apply an aftershave lotion after shaving as it leads to instant dryness. The lotion should have an antiseptic to prevent infection and moisturizer.

Below the belt :

The skin of the crotch area suffers the most during the hot and humid weather. This part of the body is prone to excessive sweating. The moisture retention leads to rashes and itching. Clear off the forest below the belt as it adds to the problem. Use antiperspirants and talcum powder to reduce sweating. The male underwear should be crafted in airy and lightweight fabric such as cotton, nylon, and others. Even the modern styles of men’s thong or cheeky underwear can help keep everything cool down there.

Eat healthy and drink more water:

Eat Healthy

What you eat affects your skin to a very large extent. Eat more green vegetable, and fresh seasonal fruits like watermelon, cucumber, berries and the citrus fruits. Drink at least 8 ouches of water daily. Nothing works better than water as it not only quenches thirst, but also help flush out the toxins that accumulate your body.    Men battles to maintain a healthy skin as much as women do. Follow the above-mentioned tricks and get a head-turning look.

What you eat affects your skin to a very large extent. Eat more green vegetable, and fresh seasonal fruits like watermelon, cucumber, berries and the citrus fruits. Drink at least 8 ouches of water daily. Nothing works better than water as it not only quenches thirst, but also help flush out the toxins that accumulate your body. Men battles to maintain a healthy skin as much as women do. Follow the above-mentioned tricks and get a head-turning look.

What to look for while Selecting Thong Underwear?

You must have heard your elders saying that “the first step is the most difficult one” and it truly is. Once you set your mind on something, things will be easier from that moment. Shopping something new is one such forte where if you shop the right pair of men’s underwear, you’ll definitely have a happy experience down there. Though styles like men’s brief underwear or conventional boxers aren’t that difficult to come by but the sexier or the ones that reveal more are trickier.

Cover Male Underwear

Oh yes, thong underwear for men is an apparel style that calls for focus when you plan to purchase the same from Cover Male. However, you must know that Cover Male Thongs are special and meant for men who desire to feel luxury.

Comfort is the key

There is nothing more important than the comfort of your male anatomy! If you understand this statement well and abide by the same, you wouldn’t look back or regret buying anything that doesn’t please you anymore. Moreover, if it is thongs, comfort definitely is an essential feature. Cover Male makes sure to use fabrics that don’t make you feel uncomfortable down there and are aptly stretchy to let you feel comfortable.

Cover Male Thongs

Form fit is necessary

You might be thinking if comfort is the sole priority, why is form fit even necessary? Well, it is not necessary for the first timers. A fit that is one size bigger than the normal size is okay if comfort is the idea. It helps the back strap to stay in place rather than riding up the butt crack. DO NOT opt for a smaller style and make sure that sits just right. Measure yourself well and pick the right size if you really want to get the best of it.

Breathability is what counts

If you go by the first aspect, this seems to be the extension of the same. If comfort is what you’re looking for, fabric plays an essential role in the same. If you anatomy doesn’t breathe well, you are sure to be uncomfortable down there. The ever-adjusting pouch, the sweaty balls and the dirty feeling down there is what will make the perfect pair.

Elasticity is the icing on the cake

Though the cake can be eaten without the cream and the icing but the actual taste is when the creamy layers melt in your mouth. Likewise, there’s no pair which doesn’t stretch but stretching well is the idea. Spandex, Elastane or Lycra in a bigger quantity always helps in getting comfortable with the style.

Whether you choose sheer underwear or subtle solids, thongs are there to make you feel sexy and fashionable. What else can go up there? Do let us know below.

What’s Special About Cover Male Thongs?

What’s Special About Cover Male Thongs

No matter what your style quotient is or what you are wearing as your men’s underwear right now. What matters is that what do you think of men’s thong underwear? Have you accepted the style to be worthy of being in your top drawer? Well, if you are considering the sexy underclothing article to be your companion, Cover Male thongs are the best that you must consider.


The brand designs apparel styles for men who seek comfort in their new styles whether it is thong or men’s g-string underwear or something else. However, there are other reasons too for which you can check out the label’s apparel style.

Let us look at the specialties of the Cover Male thongs below.

1.It flatters your physique: The very first thing that the products available in the collection do is that it flatters what you already have. If you consider that you have a body worth flaunting and can show off the assets in something so skimpily luxurious, the brand’s style is what you need.

2.It comforts your manhood: Being a new wearer what can actually take you against thongs is the discomfort provided by rear string or strap that goes between the butt flaps. Cover Male makes sure that the best fabrics are used to design the pieces that don’t ride up and add to your comfort level. However, you also must make sure to choose the right size to get what you’re looking for in your skivvies.

3.Matches your preferences: If you someone who like a tiny pouch with a broad elastic waistband or someone who doesn’t want visible waistband but need support in the front, there’s something for every personality and their preferences. You can even opt for sheer underwear fabrics that will show off more than what should be.

4.It fits well: Once you buy the size that you actually wear, you’re going to get the perfect fit on your body. The products are made to fit right on the male anatomy and provide the desired support, enhancement and sex appeal.

What do you find best in the underwear styles from Cover Male? Do let us know in the comments below.

Ways To Increase The Age Of Your Thongs

Ways To Increase The Age Of Your Thongs

Well, don’t we all want to increase the durability of our favorite clothes? Whether it is underwear for men or the outfits, we all desire to keep them a little longer. However when it is specifically about the most basic of clothing, you must know that they need a lot of care and maintenance to live their life to the fullest. After all harsh detergents, you wear them for 4 days at a stretch and other factors reduce their life. When a pair of mens bikini that has a lot of fabric needs maintenance, what will happen to your thong underwear?

Worried? Well, I have come to your rescue with the ways that will surely increase the age of your thongs.

Get the right fabric: With fabrics so fragile and delicate used in the assortment of thongs, it automatically deteriorates the lifespan of the pair. However, you can wash them separately and carefully to keep them alive. You can even opt for fabrics like cotton, nylon, and other microfiber blends that are durable. Keep sheer underwear or silky ones for the special times so that they don’t get used like the regular ones. Know more about sheer apparel here.

Wash them with care: Machine wash is strictly prohibited for such tiny pairs and only hand wash is recommended to keep them safe from the wear and tear. Use a gentle wash and dilute it in warm, water. Soak them for a while and rub them one by one gently to remove the stains. Squeeze the detergent and keep under cold water to get off the remaining left on the fabric.

Cover Male Thong Underwear

Check for signs to buy a new one: Now you’ve done your bit and now you should start looking for pairs that have worn out and should be removed from the underwear drawer. This happens a lot to us that there’s one pair we can’t afford to let go, but in order to keep your privates healthy; you should actually re-stock your wardrobe.

Have plenty to change: When you are a thong fanatic, you’d have plenty of pairs to keep changing between them for every occasion. A good number will help you have a variety of thongs for all your needs of day-to-day life. This will give rest to your other pairs and you can use every pair of thong once in a while.

These are the ways with which you can give a longer life to not only thongs, but to all the underclothing articles. For more pairs, check out Cover Male and start stocking.

Features of Cover Male Thongs

Cover Male has always been a faithful brand that delivers men’s underwear styles for guys who seek the perfect balance of comfort, exposure, sex appeal and satisfy for nothing less than that. The line of men’s thong underwear by the label is just what you want it to be. The entire assortment is unique and apt for times when the idea is to flaunt what you already have.

This blog talks about the various features or aspects of thongs by the brand.

Color: The first and the most appealing feature of the entire range of thongs for men by Cover Male is the color palette offered by the same. The number of varieties available is unmatched by any other brand (as of now). From the signature black to pretty pink and passionate purple, you name it they have it. The solid colors at Cover Male are royal blue, turquoise, orange, yellow, pink, black, and lime, purple, red, white, beige and print camouflage. The sheer colors are black and white. Which brand has so many colors other than Cover Male?

Cover Male Thongs

Styles: Thongs in itself is a respective style that reveals skin and your masculinity, but the brand offers styles in the style. Some of the popular ones are:

i. Brazilian Skimpy thongs are that offer minimal and smooth design and a snug fit on the body. It provides excellent support, has a comfortable center strap in back.

ii. Pouch Enhancing thongs are the best seller range at Cover Male. The curved pouch gives your package the boost for attention. It is modern-classic underwear for men who desire comfort in body-fit design.

iii. Cotton Blend thongs have V-shaped contoured pouch keeps the package steady upfront. The broad elastic waistband sets this style apart from the others as the rest have no broad waistband.

Fabrics: Cover Male keeps it basic and luxurious when it comes to choosing fabrics however, the composition makes it extremely comfortable on the body. Hence, the compositions used the label in the assortment of thongs are-92%Polymide and 8%Spandex, 86%Polyester and 14% Spandex and 85%Nylon and 15% Spandex.

Conventional rear: There is nothing new about thongs with revealing rear. Cover Male thongs have a little more fabric than the others. They are not merely strings but a little broader piece of fabric that goes all the way from the front covering the cheeks crack to the waistband.

These features of Cover Male thongs should compel you to buy them thus instant. Check out the collection available at and choose your favorite color.