6 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your below the belt style

6 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your below the belt style
Have you seen anyone talking about their below the belt health? I haven’t! Yeah, no one really talks about keeping yourself healthy or in check down there but that does not mean they don’t think about the same or are not concerned. If you take by example, it has always been women who are praised for how clean they are how they take care of themselves, but when it comes to men, things go a little unnoticed because - nobody talks about it. This blog is more of an awareness rather than just an ordinary blog that talks about below the belt style and health. Men are lazy. Let’s just face it. Hence, we’ve kept some ridiculously easy ways to improve your fashion quotient giving it the healthy look and a happy feeling. 1. Manscaping It is the very first step that you need to take if you really want....[Read More]

Pouch Underwear: Tips to Get it Right

Pouch Underwear: Tips to Get it Right
Earlier, talking about men's underwear rarely gave the feeling that they are associated with the overall personality. However now, many of us know that donning the right underwear is linked with an impressive front profile below the belt. So, when it about the sex appeal why not try the pouch underwear for men that are specifically crafted for the above purposes. The enhancing features of the pouch helps in projecting the right bulge below the belt. If you haven’t tried the style or if you are looking to buy one then, the below blog lists the guidelines for placing the right attire into the cart. Read on to know more. Determine the style Have you ever wondered that why women take ample of time when it comes to shopping? It is because they do a lot of research while buying the apt attires. Their results are also fruitful when it....[Read More]

What’s with Men’s Sheer Underwear?

What’s with Men’s Sheer Underwear
Whenever I would visit any online shopping website for purchasing underwear, the first pop-up notification from the website would be -  Have you tried the sheer underwear for men? Hope I could reply them, why would I?  But then, one day, accidentally, I clicked yes where it took me to a range of appealing products. They were revealing, enticing and most of all they look as if they were crafted only for intimate purposes. I decided to give a try. I placed an order for a cheaper one, of course. The product was delivered in two days and I tried them. For a moment, I felt that I wasn't wearing anything down there. The fabric was very light and soft as well. My wife entered the room when I was adoring myself in the mirror. She blurted out,"OMG, someone is looking hot. " I guess you can imagine the rest....[Read More]

Running Shorts: The Secret of a Successful Jog

Running Shorts: The Secret of a Successful Jog
There is no doubt about the fact that jogging has got numerous health benefits. When it has amazing perks, why not do it in the right way? Obviously, you guys are an expert in this but, when it comes to choosing the right attire for the exercise I guess, I can suggest you better. Selecting the right outfit plays an important role when it comes to workouts because they are concerned with the stretch, comfort, and sweat. The Men’s Running Shorts has the capability to fulfill the above-listed characteristics. Below are some of the qualities that the apparel possess which makes your jog better and easier. Read on to find out. 1.Allows you to perform better Many people run just for the sake of feeling fit but, a good runner improves his performance with each session. When you are determined to improve your performance then, selecting the right attire plays....[Read More]

Sun’s out Fun’s out

Sun's out Fun's out
Summers call for a sweltering sun,  high temperatures and the crunchy environment which results in a damaged skin. Earlier, skincare for men incorporated only aftershave tips. With time, the physical appearance and personal style started to be included as men have become more self-conscious. Grooming is an indispensable element of the style statement, particularly, in consideration with the heat of the summers. Skin differs from a person-to-person. There are two types of skin conditions as discussed below. Scan to know more the problems and the solutions to them. Dry Skin Dry skin tends to loose moisture heading to flakiness, itchiness and other related problems. If you are a victim of such problems then, below -mentioned are some of the precautions that can help you. a) Use a good quality face lotion( SPF 30 or higher) and moisturizer daily which can help heal the dry flakes. Ensure to use them twice....[Read More]

Is this your First Step to Men’s Thongs?

Is this your First Step to Men's Thongs?
Men’s thongs are one of the stylish underneath garments that portrays the best of your personality. The attire varies from different cuts to designs, patterns, and occasions. Many brands craft this outfit with enhancing features as well. However, donning the right thong according to the occasion is necessary as it is concerned with your comfort. So, in case if you are a first time shopper of this respective attire, then this blog is here to help you out. It enlists some factors that you should consider while purchasing thongs. Read on to find out. 1. Determine the type of thongs that you want The above-mentioned fashionable attire comes in a potpourri of styles. They range from the enhancement ones to sporty styles and day to day usage. Therefore, it is important to decide the right one. For special occasions, you can opt for the one's that come with revealing fabrics....[Read More]

8 essential Dating Tips for Introverted Men

Dating Tips for Men
People who don’t talk much are actually saying a lot of things inside. Are you one of those guys who notice everything, but do not get noticed? Well, for all those who think that you’re boring and not as fun as they are, here’s what you can tell them. Shy people usually turn out to be the coolest people once you start talking to them. With the calmest face and loudest mind, you can conquer the world without actually following the footstep of the social butterflies. However, for the reserve personalities, the most difficult thing is to be around the person who’re in love with. “The worst thing is when you are caught staring at a person and the best feeling when you catch the same person staring back at you”. Have you ever felt this way before? Are you afraid of asking your date out? Remember one thing, silence....[Read More]

5 Things that are sabotaging your fitness goals

5 Things that are sabotaging your fitness goals
Fitness is not about being better than someone else... It’s about being better than who you used to be. Setting the goals is easy, but following the same is something that calls for a lot of dedication and sacrifices. No matter how much you blame your alarm clock, the weather or your mother who cooks irresistibly tasty food, it is nothing else, but you who’s disturbing the regime. “Set the goals and then demolish them”, is the usual practice of men. However, there are times when you get up early, you’re disciplined at the gym, yet you don’t see the result. In that case, there’s some serious sabotaging going on. Have you ever felt this way? Wanna know the reason? Read the points below to find out what’s coming in the way of your fitness goals. 1. You hoard in the gym and splurge in the kitchen Just sweating on....[Read More]

The key to dressing well while still being yourself

Just be yourself
From street style dressing to the corporate powerhouse, the fashion for men is definitely going places. The endless styles and the never-ending fashion quotient may leave you baffled at the time. However, the best way to embrace the stylish side of your personality is by being yourself. It is better to be yourself as an original is worth more than a copy. Improving the personal style is one concern that has been disturbing the fashion conscious men over a very long time. However, you need not follow the fashion connoisseurs, in order to make your style quotient. You need not follow anyone else to look different. Here’s a compilation of few of the quickfire steps that can help you look edgy without changing yourself. 1. Roll your sleeves You need not buy a new shirt for you every time you’re trying to look different. You must have heard people saying....[Read More]

Essential Tips on How a Man Should Dress for a Wedding

Invited to a wedding and not sure what to wear? Do not worry! We have covered some of the fashion do’s and do not’s for such occasion. Getting an appropriate attire of attending a wedding can be tough at times. Whether you’re the best man or just a guest, looking sharp and dressing according to the nines is important. You can even upstage the dashing groom. All you need to so is to make the right decision and select the right ensemble. Before we discuss the things that you should be doing before heading for a wedding, let us first run you through the things that you should avoid doing. Whether you’re of for the wedding of an English chapel or a French guy, make sure that you do not wear white. White with a blend of contrasting shades like navy, black will give you a bang on look. However,....[Read More]