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The only G-String physique advises you need to know

all you need for g-strings!!

G-string. Have you ever heard this term anywhere else except for you guitar’s g-string? You should have but if you haven’t, the respective word is also used for the men’s underwear category that reveals it all and is made for the pleasing benefits of the wearer as well as the one who gets pleased with the same. The collection of g-strings for men have been around for years but still, haven’t been accepted by men like thong underwear for its skimpy design.

Cover Male G-String

But, if you have accepted the sexy underwear style, you have come past the feeling of constrictive fabrics, bulky designs and more. Then there’ll be men out there who are willing to try the style but are abstaining for some or the other reasons.

How do you know which style to pick and how to look good in them? That’s exactly we’ll look at in this blog.

  • Pick the style that suits your body type:

    No matter how you look and what body type you have, g-strings well chosen will surely compliment you. At Cover Male, you would find options that would cover you like thongs to the skimpiest of them all. If you are on the bulkier side, you can pick the one that has a broad waistband to keep the waist defined whereas; if you are lean to average, string waistband to hang around down there.

  • Keep a watch on the size you pick:

    DO NOT pick a smaller size when it comes to g-strings. Things can turn nasty if you do and you would not change how you’d feel about the style anymore. You CAN always pick a bigger size in order to feel the comfort of the string between the butt cheeks. You obviously don’t want it to hurt you in the most sensitive area. Hence, a size bigger than what you choose for your men’s bikinis or even jockstrap underwear would be a feasible idea.

  • Keep a check on your diet:

    This is the biggest concern for many as they don’t find themselves fit for the pouch enhancement underwear style. They are conscious of being bulky and thinking whether it’ll good on them or not. Well, if you are so concerned, you can always have a diet that would make your body look more appealing and give you a healthy lifestyle. Opt for food items that abstain you from fatty things that make you crave for more. Eat healthily and it will automatically show up in your physique.

If you’d feel confident within, you would be able to look good on the outside no matter what you wear. It doesn’t take a lot to be prepped below the belt, all you need is the will power to transform and a pair of skivvies.

What’s So Special about White Underwear?

What’s So Special about White Underwear

We all have had that time when our mother bought a value pack of men’s white underwear for us. Eventually, colors pooled in and things changed. However, white is still the best and the most adored color when it comes to intimate apparel (be it males or females). This doesn’t mean that what I am talking about are the tighty whiteys, because white is available in every possible men’s underwear style at Cover Male.

Have you ever thought of the reasons why possibly could the color white be so special to guys? Before I lay down the specialties of the color, let me tell you what the color stands for. You might know it, but for those who don’t the monochromatic shade stands for purity, innocence, wholeness and completion.

1. It is a signature shade: The respective color is a single shade that does not have any other shade. However, it definitely has variants like ivory, whitesmoke, aliceblue, honeydew and more, but surely nothing like the color. You must have seen in the recent fashion shows that white is the color of spring. Hence, why not starting from the most basic article of clothing.

2. It relaxes the mind: Do you seriously believe this? Well, you should! According to psychologists, if your mind is upset with something and you are surrounded with dark environment, things go from bad to worse. Hence, when you know that your body is cool because of the light shade, your mind will also perceive things to be normal and help you in relaxing.

3. It’s a summer color: Summer is all about pastel shades, lightweight clothes and a smart appeal. No color can do it better than white men’s thong underwear or g-strings for men. These two styles have already been tagged as erotic underwear and hence, with no fabric you’d feel awesome with nothing down there. What do you think?

4. It is the best choice: Modern underwear designs by Cover Male use white as a fashionable statement, usually accented in ways that truly brighten the white. In addition, you’d also have choices to tempt your partner with the sheer underwear options that’ll take your sex appeal to the next level.

There are many colors that one can experiment within their underclothing articles. However, the old classic white should never lose its space. White underwear is more like a rule rather than a splurge. It is nothing fancy, but still makes one happy.

Check out covermale.com for the wide variety of options in the classic color.

5 Perfect Underwear For Valentine’s Day

Cover Male Underwear

Well, you surely must have planned how you’ll be spending your entire day with your partner. However, have you planned on how you’ll be spending the evening/night? Gift is surely an essential part of the day of love, but do not forget to dress well because, the occasion calls for the right attire- from the basic men’s underwear style to the outfit.

This blog however will guide you to the 5 best sexy cum erotic apparel styles available at Cover Male.

5. Cover Male G-String: One of the bestseller assortments at the brand, men’s g-string underwear is tiny, sexy and very comfortable. The apparel style features a triangular pouch on the front that covers, holds and comforts the manhood while there’s a lot to show in the rear.

4. Peek Jockstrap: Well, peeking and playing are an integral part of making love to your partner. With the Cover Male Peek Jockstrap, you’ll allow your partner to get to see a little of your manhood which in turn would excite the moments and set things on fire. It should surely be considered.

3. Pouch Enhancing Thong: It is the day to get better visibility and profile. Hence, men’s thong underwear by Cover Male has numerous options to choose from. However, pouch enhancing thong by the label makes sure you get the right lift as well as defines your abs and thighs for a better appeal.

2. Tear Drop Bikini: This has always been a favorite of many because of the tiny drop-like pouch that covers just what’s needed on the front, leaves the sides of the manhood bare and covers more than just the butt in the rear. Hence, this men’s bikini underwear is a combination of sex appeal, fashion statement and exposure.

1. Passion Bikini: When you think about the Passion bikini, there are two things that cross the mind. Either the pair arouses passion in oneself or it in self has a lot of passion that gets the evening going. Part sheer and solid panel designs on the front leaves something for the imagination while; the rear is a sheer-fabric that adds pleasure to the already sexy bikini.

These men’s underwear styles available at covermale.com at discounted prices. A variety of colors, pouch options, cuts and tasteful designs are some aspects that you get to choose from. Check out the collection now.