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The only G-String physique advises you need to know

all you need for g-strings!!

G-string. Have you ever heard this term anywhere else except for you guitar’s g-string? You should have but if you haven’t, the respective word is also used for the men’s underwear category that reveals it all and is made for the pleasing benefits of the wearer as well as the one who gets pleased with the same. The collection of g-strings for men have been around for years but still, haven’t been accepted by men like thong underwear for its skimpy design.

Cover Male G-String

But, if you have accepted the sexy underwear style, you have come past the feeling of constrictive fabrics, bulky designs and more. Then there’ll be men out there who are willing to try the style but are abstaining for some or the other reasons.

How do you know which style to pick and how to look good in them? That’s exactly we’ll look at in this blog.

  • Pick the style that suits your body type:

    No matter how you look and what body type you have, g-strings well chosen will surely compliment you. At Cover Male, you would find options that would cover you like thongs to the skimpiest of them all. If you are on the bulkier side, you can pick the one that has a broad waistband to keep the waist defined whereas; if you are lean to average, string waistband to hang around down there.

  • Keep a watch on the size you pick:

    DO NOT pick a smaller size when it comes to g-strings. Things can turn nasty if you do and you would not change how you’d feel about the style anymore. You CAN always pick a bigger size in order to feel the comfort of the string between the butt cheeks. You obviously don’t want it to hurt you in the most sensitive area. Hence, a size bigger than what you choose for your men’s bikinis or even jockstrap underwear would be a feasible idea.

  • Keep a check on your diet:

    This is the biggest concern for many as they don’t find themselves fit for the pouch enhancement underwear style. They are conscious of being bulky and thinking whether it’ll good on them or not. Well, if you are so concerned, you can always have a diet that would make your body look more appealing and give you a healthy lifestyle. Opt for food items that abstain you from fatty things that make you crave for more. Eat healthily and it will automatically show up in your physique.

If you’d feel confident within, you would be able to look good on the outside no matter what you wear. It doesn’t take a lot to be prepped below the belt, all you need is the will power to transform and a pair of skivvies.

Goods and Bads of Running Shorts

Goods and Bads of Running Shorts | Cover Male

Meant for men who love freedom and spaciousness, the collection of men’s running shorts is what fulfills the idea. The idea is taken to the top and being one of the unique assortments by Cover Male, you as men must take a look at the products. The shorts are designed for utmost comfort and breathability down there in order to prevent chafing.

By construction or in terms of looks, you’d find a U-cut apparel that features a loose construction, high cuts on the sides, no visible waistband, center seam on the pouch but no definition for the masculinity which provides minimal or no support to the same. The cuts also allow leg movements while exercising or any other activities whereas; the same can be seen as an opportunity to flaunt a lot of skin.

GOODS of Running Shorts


With a consistent fabric composition of 86% Polyamide and 14% Spandex, the products provide moisture wicking features as well as ample stretch to the legs. With polyamide, your goods can get suffocated. Hence, the high cuts come in handy here. The unique blend also ensures that the entire piece is lightweight on the body, so you don’t feel like you’re carrying an extra burden.


If you take a closer look at the apparel style, you’ll find that the roomy structure allows free-flowing air circulation for your manhood. In the hot summer days, you can opt for these and these alone to stay comfortable at home. Unlike, bikini underwear for men or briefs, it also makes the perfect sleepwear for your lazy nights. The spaciousness pampers the assets and allows a lot of breathability down there.

Cover Male Running Shorts

Colors and Sizes

You might have a favorite color! We all do! Including about 12 colors in total, the collection has navy blue, yellow, lime, black, white, beige, purple, orange, red, turquoise, and royal blue. You’d also have sheer underwear in the category with a sheer white and sheer black. The availability in terms of size goes from small to extra large.

BADS of Running Shorts


You might think that pouch is probably the most important aspect in underneath apparel, but if this itself is negative, what’s the purpose of having it? Well, you must take it in a way that works as a personal air cooler for the manhood as well as you can indulge in light sporty activities with the same. However, if you are looking for something gives high support, you might club the style with male thongs or bikinis underneath these running shorts.

With these goods and bads of Running Shorts by Cover Male, you must try them for experiencing comfort as well as breathability in a whole different way.

Men’s Sheer Underwear – How to Turn your Partner On?

Men’s Sheer Underwear- How to Turn your Partner On | Cover Male

Most guys think they’re great guys! In addition to this, they take their belief to the next level by getting into a relation that they think they handle. However, sometimes things go wrong and then they lose their partner. Well, it is not always difficult to get into a relationship but what is a task is to handle that relationship satisfying the needs of the other.

Playfulness, being naughty and getting intimate with your partner is one of the needs that is inevitable. But, what matters here is if you don’t good, you’re gonna lose it all which you obviously don’t want.

Hence, this blog talks about men’s sheer underwear and how you can turn on your partner wearing it for your next encounter.

Dress to kill

You know what you’re wearing underneath, but don’t let her see through to the see-through style until you shed the outfit. Let her be the image of you being a nice guy who’s all over her. Touch her in a way that she understands your intentions, kiss her to make her realize that it’ll be good this time.

Do a stripe-tease to reveal your sheer underneath

Once you feel that she’s getting into the mood of some roleplay, why not turn on the music as well as the heat in the room by dancing your clothes off your body. You can use props or dance around taking off your clothes one by one.

Be confident while doing it

Without confidence, you won’t be able to achieve anything. Confidence in itself is a huge turn on for any girl. Not cockiness, but confidence. Don’t be nervous or reveal your awkwardness when you’re around a girl and she’ll love your company.

Show off what you’re wearing below the belt

While doing what you are doing, showing off your assets is a big task. Don’t look or feel too desperate while doing any of it because the main motive of doing it with the aim of turning your partner on. Show it all off with ease and calmly.

Let her have you and your sheer

Now is the actual time when you have heightened your partner’s emotions with all the foreplay and naughty acts. You need to be careful now with your performance because she might get turned off and leave even before you start off things. Go slow and smooth the texture of your bikini underwear or men’s g-string. Let it come in contact with your partner’s skin to spark love.

Be naughty, let her see through you but make sure you choose a men’s underwear style that appeals her eyes or else you don’t stand any chance. If you have any suggestions, do let us know in the comment section.