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Go sleek yet Visible with Cover Male Enhancing Thong

Go sleek yet Visible with Cover Male Enhancing Thong

Have you ever felt the need to be noticed? We all do – at some point or the other, everyone thinks that they should be visible. With this in mind, Cover Male Underwear launched its pouch enhancing underwear collection that brings your manhood to a level where you’ll be noticed quite well. And, that’s exactly what you need when you know all about pouch underwear and its benefits.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong

If you see the image, the Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong worn by the model is what gives you complete satisfaction below the belt. The low rise fit with the sleek coverage, the men’s thong underwear holds the assets to the best of its ability and looks stunning on the outside. The pair not only fulfills your need of revealing the assets but also lifts the package to a position where it’ll be visible even in the pants. The solid color with the tiny construction, you wouldn’t have to try too hard.

The fabric composition of 86% polyamide and 14% spandex, you get to have the signature composition down there. You can wear it every day to work or keep it as a novelty for the romantic evenings.

Find the color options and the sizes available at covermale.com.

Pouch Underwear: Tips to Get it Right

Pouch Underwear: Tips to Get it Right

Earlier, talking about men’s underwear rarely gave the feeling that they are associated with the overall personality. However now, many of us know that donning the right underwear is linked with an impressive front profile below the belt. So, when it about the sex appeal why not try the pouch underwear for men that are specifically crafted for the above purposes. The enhancing features of the pouch helps in projecting the right bulge below the belt.

If you haven’t tried the style or if you are looking to buy one then, the below blog lists the guidelines for placing the right attire into the cart. Read on to know more.

  • Determine the style

    Have you ever wondered that why women take ample of time when it comes to shopping? It is because they do a lot of research while buying the apt attires. Their results are also fruitful when it comes to dressing the best for an occasion. Hence, a little bit of research does no harm when it comes to shopping. Additionally, the reason to do the research is not to find out what you like but to see what you have in store. Hence, you can go for options that you don’t have. Filter the styles that you usually prefer. Opt for new styles while keeping the  comfort, support and the enhancement on mind. Some of the men’s thongs with the apt pouch can do the job for you.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong

  • Keep an eye on fabrics

    Next, comes the most important aspect – Comfort. Because, underwear is the first thing that touches your skin hence, it should fall soft and be comfortable as well. There are a variety of fabrics that are incorporated into the construction of the underwear which ranges right from cotton, nylon, spandex, polyamide, polyester, modal to viscose. The right blend can bring the best in you to the forefront with the comfort and luxurious appeal that you usually look for.

Cover Male Pouch Boxer

  • Think comfort

    If you feel that changing the usual style down there can make you feel uncomfortable then, go by your instinct. Pouch enhancing options are available in men’s briefs and boxer briefs as well which are the most preferred styles when it comes to undergarments. When you have your own definition of comfort, you must choose something that lets you feel the same way without letting you change the styles. So, when you feel good inside, you are sure to look appealing on the outside as well. If you are not able to switch in between the styles no problem because the pouch will take care of the things down there. Hence, you can look appealing in your own way as well.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Cheek Boxer

  • Make a note of your size

    Size is one of the essential parameters to be considered when it comes to online shopping because you don’t get to try the products. Note down the size of your waist and genitals on a notepad for a fruitful purchase. Measurements take turns in different countries so, make sure to refer the size chart before placing the things in the cart.

Size Chart

  • Single out a trusted online store

    Selecting a good store is necessary to save some dollars back in your pocket. Hold down your preferences to trusted online stores which have a good assortment with affordable prices or discounts. Some online shopping sites like Cover Male does the best for its customers to keep them happy.

Above are some of the tips that can help you to grab the right attire for yourselves. If you also have tips and points on your mind for choosing the right outfit then, please leave your comments in the section below.

5 Common Myths about Men’s Pouch Enhancing Underwear

5 Common Myths about Men’s Pouch Enhancing Underwear | Cover Male

There are variety of underwear types that are available for men to provide ultimate level of comfort. Out of all those underwear types, men’s pouch enhancing underwear are increasingly popular due to comfort, sex appeal and strategic support.

There are number of people around the world who are increasingly going for this men’s pouch underwear. However, there are certain people who are still reluctant about wearing this men’s pouch underwear due to the one or the other reasons. Several myths that are stopping people from wearing this special pocket underwear are as follows:

Myth 1

They can lead to infertility in men

One of the primary reason which is responsible for the low preference for this specially designed underwear among men is the fear of being infertile. Some people tend to say that these tight fitting underwear makes enormous pressure on the male scrotum which affects the production of semen in males. However, in reality, there is no such proven study or medical history that can support the above mentioned claims in any manner. So, there is no established correlation between infertility and men’s pouch underwear.

Myth 2

They are not comfortable at all

Many people think that pouch underwear are not as comfortable as briefs or boxer briefs which is absolutely false. In fact, these specially designed underwear can keep your manhood in perfect position thereby offering you ultimate comfort.

Myth 3

They cause excessive sweating in private areas

Being superb in fitting does not mean that these underwear types don’t leave a room for ventilation in those private areas. This is because these men’s pouch underwear comes in a variety of fabrics that are capable to absorb excessive moisture and sweating around the genital areas. So, there is no question about the inefficiency of pouch underwear regarding sweat absorption.

Myth 4

They are not visually appealing like other underwear types

It is not just about comfort, these pouch underwear are equally appealing in terms of the outer appearance as well. Like jockstraps, bikinis and other types, pouch underwear is quite impressive in the build quality and visual appeal. They help in revealing your manhood in the best position and can effortlessly make you “A ladies man” within no time. With this underwear type, it would be really easy for you to turn the heat between you and your partner for long lasting intimate sessions.

Myth 5

They are not built for long sedentary working hours

It is often believed that due to the sleek fitting of these underwear, they are not suitable for long term sedentary working hours. However, this is a completely false belief as pouch underwear are made in such a way that can hold your manhood in the perfect place for a long time. By holding the male genital in a comfortable place, the wearer can effortlessly work uninterrupted for long working hours. So, pouch underwear are made to provide all day comfort for the people who are involved in long duration working hours.

So, remove all the wrong notions and thinking regarding pouch underwear and adopt them to achieve ultimate perfection in your overall persona. Remember, ‘What you wear reflects your ultimate personality and behavior”, so make the right selection in terms of the inner garments.