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How to Dress for Christmas (for Chubby Men)?

How to Dress for Christmas (for Chubby Men)?

For Christmas, the biggest dilemma for a woman or even a man is to choose the right clothes that make them look flattering. The problem heightens if you are slightly on the chubbier side because there are those men with God gifted physiques who can pull off any damn look without even trying. Taking my own example, it takes me the entire month to figure out the clothes while the constant thoughts ticking in the head that will it suit me?

Will it look good on me on an actual day? And and so much more. It becomes more of a challenge to look good and feel comfortable in whatever you plan to wear for the Christmas parties or gatherings if you are carrying those extra pounds. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way and with this thought, you can actually look good this Christmas.

Adopt a body defining underwear:

Starting from the basic, the first thing that you must do is to define your bulges and bring it all together. A pair of men’s underwear that features excessive fabric like men’s boxer brief underwear is what will help you feel confident, comfortable and toned. You can also opt for a functional shape-wear that squeezes the bulges and flab to provide you a slimmer look.

Go black:

Black is a color that has an ability to make you look slimmer. Why do you think girls go crazy about the signature color? Well, black surely has its own appeal and charm but as an addition, this too is what will help you show off a lean figure to the others.

Well fitted trousers:

Anything that is either too tight or too loose will make you look weird and leave people guessing that something was strange about your personality. If you don’t get the fit right, you’ll either feel uncomfortable or the pants will be all over the place. So, make sure that the trousers are not body hugging or very loose.

Appropriate shirt:

If you have already worn a shapewear vest inside, you can wear any kind of shirt that matches the trousers or else, an appropriate shirt that fits you well but doesn’t enhance your bulges is necessary. If you are opting for a black suit, a white shirt is the best companion for the occasion.

However, the decision is yours to choose. Whether it is Christmas or any other occasion, you can adopt these tips and look the way you want to.

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