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How to Adjust with Thongs for the first time?

How to Adjust with Thongs for the first time?

It was a few weeks back when one of my friends was looking for options to buy his new set of men’s underwear. He is a conventional personality was searching for something like men’s briefs or nothing more revealing than bikini underwear for men. However, I suggested he to try on men’s thong underwear but he consistently disapproved of the same. After a while of ifs and buts with all the melodrama, he finally agreed to buy one single pair and said he would try. The condition was, if he didn’t like the feel of the style, I would have to refund the money to him. We had a deal!! I just had to guide him with a few steps and he finally had his first pair. What did I tell him?

Well, we’ve compiled the cheat sheet for men like my friend who really want to try on the skimpy styles like thongs or even g-string underwear for men without having any regret.

Get to know the styles available

In the hurry to pick the piece, men don’t notice that there is a wide variety in terms of coverage and cuts. As a result, with something that doesn’t let the comfort level set in, they don’t find the style apt. From conventional style to the tangas, g-strings and other variants, everyone has its own charm. However, the conventional is where you start climbing the stairs and finally end at the other exotic underwear styles.

Cotton is your savior

Saying yes to synthetic fibers is a big NO-NO! Cotton is what you should start with because no other fabric can provide you the best feeling at the start. The soft-touch, no rashes, moisture absorbency, comfortable appeal, and other characteristic features make it the ideal fabric. Cotton has characteristic traits that will soothe you, comfort your male anatomy as well as give you breathable experience down there.

Go for a bigger size

What’s the biggest problem you guys face in thongs? The majority of you would have said that the back string is what causes all the problems. Well, the basic hack to this problem is to buy a bigger size than what you wear. A size up would keep it from riding up the butt crack and keep you feeling comfortable. With these tricks, you would settle down with the sexiest apparel style.

And, just so you know, my friend is head over heels now for thongs and is a changed personality.

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