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Brand New: Cover Male Hurricane Thong

Bored with old underwear! Cover Male launch its brand new hurricane thong in amazing price. Add the hotness in to your personality with this amazing thong underwear. Read about the...

Cover Male CMK044 Hurricane Thong

Cover Male just recently introduced its brand new products and the men’s underwear styles introduced are soooo.....hotttt!!! Masculine, sexy, and something that raises eyebrows is what the men’s sexy underwear brand has brought forward for all the fashion-conscious men across the globe. The line of men’s thong underwear is certainly of the bestsellers by Cover male underwear but there is other men’s underwear style offered by the label including male bikinis, g-string underwear for men and others including men’s thongs too. We’ll be talking about the male thong that the model is wearing in the images and it is called the Cover Male Hurricane Thong.

Mens thong underwear

In the present time, a man asks for only a few things and they are to be a high position at work, a reliable accomplice, and an engaging personality. For every one of the three wishes, he needs to do a ton of difficult work in light of the fact that there’s no easy route for them. Notwithstanding, the third perspective can be satisfied without a ton of difficult work too. On the off chance that you likewise are searching for men’s fashion underwear that will change your personality to improve things, Cover Male men's underwear is for you. Cover Male underwear is an incredible alternative for regular use just as for some extraordinary fiery moments between you and your partner. For a lift with unimaginable comfort, the enhancing underwear collection features a formed pouch intended to shape and easily hold your unmentionables up. For males who want to flaunt some skin without trading off with the help, the brand has men’s thongs that offer high cuts and low-rise fit.


Take a look at this Hurricane thong for men that features a slim fit in the front with an extremely low rise fit that makes the sides sit comfortably on the hip bone while the front takes a deep dip. With a silky smooth fabric coverage, the pouch enhancing underwear features a front that looks absolutely stunning. With a contrast colored piping incorporated on the pouch, you get to have support in the right areas. Take a turn back and you’d find minimal coverage in the back with smooth fabric diminishing between the butt-crack.

Colors available in these male thongs:

Black, Navy, and Royal Blue

Cover Male CMK044 Hurricane Thong

Take a look at the key features of the male thongs by Cover Male Underwear below:


  • Cover Male men’s thong underwear
  • Sexy smooth thongs for men
  • Minimal coverage in the back
  • Pouch enhancing underwear featuring a visible front
  • Fabric composition: Polyamide and Spandex

Shop the sexy men’s thong underwear here: 

Cover Male CMK044 Hurricane Thong

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