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Essential Tips on How a Man Should Dress for a Wedding

Essential Tips on How a Man Should Dress for a Wedding

Invited to a wedding and not sure what to wear? Do not worry! We have covered some of the fashion do’s and do not’s for such occasion. Getting an appropriate attire for attending a wedding can be tough at times. Whether you’re the best man or just a guest, looking sharp and dressing according to the nines is important. You can even upstage the dashing groom. All you need to do is to make the right decision and select the right ensemble.

Before we discuss the things that you should be doing before heading for a wedding, let us first run you through the things that you should avoid doing.

  1. Whether you’re off for the wedding of an English chapel or a French guy, make sure that you do not wear white. White with a blend of contrasting shades like navy, black will give you a bang on look. However, complete white is the apt color for the auspicious occasion.
  2. Do not go in your casuals attire. If you’re at a wedding that is not very strict about the dress code, then, you can go with smart casual. However, even the semi-formal look should have the right amount of decency. Don’t go for the bright color and patterned designs. Sophistication is the key to such events.
  3. For the relaxed dress code, the t-shirt paired with jeans and blazer is ideal. However, denim should be elegant. Make sure that you don’t don any of your rugged styles or sagging jeans.
  4. Do not ignore the accessories that will go with the attire. Right from the wristwatch to the footwear, everything should match your outfit. Moreover, the ensemble should be according to the event and the dress code.

Having discussed the do not’s of this occasion, here are some of the tips that take your style to the cutting edge. Have a look.


No matter the dress code, the attire and your look should flaunt your sophistication and class. Tuxedo scores as the perfect option for weddings and other related ceremonies. If you are going for this traditional outfit, then, you’ve to very particular about how you carry it. Choose the classic color combination of dark and light. White shirts paired with darker pants and suit is ideal.

The general thumb rule is that at least 1/4th of the shirt cuff should visible from your suit. The trouser should fit you perfectly and the length should end right above the shoes. The snug fit style leads to a visible underwear line. So, make sure that you wear a seamless style of the men’s underwear.

Well Dressed Man

Other than the tuxedo, you can even go for a semi-formal look. You can even go for the suit crafted in velveteen fabric, but make sure that it is not very shiny. The shirt paired with a well-fitted suit, trouser, and a necktie can do the magic for you. The semi-formal can be a bit a laid back, but make sure it’s not every casual. At times, even a combination of a t-shirt and blazer can give you an edgy look. Pair the attire with a pouch enhancing underwear for men. It will accentuate your front profile, thus, adding a flair of confidence in your attitude.

Color Combination:

A dark suit is a foundation for such an ensemble. The shade of the blazer or suit should match the color of the trouser. At the same time, it should complement your shirt. Wearing the same color of shirt and trousers is the biggest fashion blunder committed by men. Along with this, the color of the shoes should match the colors of your belt. The socks should blend with the shade of the footwear that you’re wearing.


Accessories play a major role in complete the look for weddings and other such occasions. Here’s what you need to consider. Starting from the top, the accessories of the suit should be taken care of. The pocket square should match your shirt.

Men's Accessories

While the tie should match the suit and contrast the shade of the shirt. Choose an elegant pair of cufflinks for your shirt.


The shoes will define your overall personality. Wear a clean pair of shoes. Oxford or Monk Strap shoes are ideal. As mentioned above, the color should complement your trousers. Going with classic shades is the best option.

Along with the outer garment and accessories, the inner garment is equally important. The undershirt shirt should not be darker than your shirt. There are chances of a visible underwear line as you’ll be wearing fitted trousers. So, wear a seamless style of underneath articles such as men’s thong underwear or anything of this sort.

Final say It need not be mentioned that along with the clothing, your self-grooming is equally important. Just a bit of effort can even help overshadow the handsome groom and the blushing bride.

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