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Features of Cover Male Thongs

Features of Cover Male Thongs

Cover Male has always been a faithful brand that delivers men’s underwear styles for guys who seek the perfect balance of comfort, exposure, sex appeal and satisfy for nothing less than that. The line of men’s thong underwear by the label is just what you want it to be. The entire assortment is unique and apt for times when the idea is to flaunt what you already have. This blog talks about the various features or aspects of thongs by the brand.


The first and the most appealing feature of the entire range of thongs for men by Cover Male is the color palette offered by the same. The number of varieties available is unmatched by any other brand (as of now). From the signature black to pretty pink and passionate purple, you name it they have it.

The solid colors at Cover Male are royal blue, turquoise, orange, yellow, pink, black, and lime, purple, red, white, beige and print camouflage. The sheer colors are black and white. Which brand has so many colors other than Cover Male?

Cover Male Thongs


Thongs in itself is a respective style that reveals skin and your masculinity, but the brand offers styles in the style. Some of the popular ones are

i. Brazilian Skimpy thongs are offer minimal and smooth design and a snug fit on the body. It provides excellent support, has a comfortable center strap in back.

ii. Pouch Enhancing thongs are the best seller range at Cover Male. The curved pouch gives your package a boost for attention. It is modern-classic underwear for men who desire comfort in body-fit design.

iii. Cotton Blend thongs have a V-shaped contoured pouch that keeps the package steady upfront. The broad elastic waistband sets this style apart from the others as the rest have no broad waistband.


Cover Male keeps it basic and luxurious when it comes to choosing fabrics however, the composition makes it extremely comfortable on the body. Hence, the compositions used the label in the assortment of thongs are-92%Polymide and 8%Spandex, 86%Polyester and 14% Spandex and 85%Nylon and 15% Spandex.

Conventional rear:

There is nothing new about thongs with revealing rear. Cover Male thongs have a little more fabric than the others. They are not merely strings but a little broader piece of fabric that goes all the way from the front covering the cheeks crack to the waistband. These features of Cover Male thongs should compel you to buy them this instant.

Check out the collection available at and choose your favorite color.

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