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The key to dressing well while still being yourself

The key to dressing well while still being yourself

From street style dressing to the corporate powerhouse, the fashion for men is definitely going places. The endless styles and the never-ending fashion quotient may leave you baffled at the time. However, the best way to embrace the stylish side of your personality is by being yourself. It is better to be yourself as an original is worth more than a copy. Improving the personal style is one concern that has been disturbing the fashion-conscious men over a very long time.

However, you need not follow the fashion connoisseurs, in order to make your style quotient. You need not follow anyone else to look different. Here’s a compilation of a few of the quickfire steps that can help you look edgy without changing yourself.

Roll your sleeves

Roll your sleeves
You need not buy a new shirt for you every time you’re trying to look different. You must have heard people saying that you need to come out of your comfort zone and explore the current trend, in order to look appealing. Believe me, you don’t have to! Just the way you carry yourself and your attire can make a huge difference. Just pick the shirt that you usually wear and roll up the sleeves. According to women, “There’s nothing special about the long sleeve of a shirt, but it becomes 10 times sexier when a man rolls them up”.


Stylizing the attire with the right set of the ensemble is a topic that has been discussed time and again. Accessorizing your clothes appropriately can turn the simplest attire into a center of attention. Here’s how it can be done.

Men's Accessory

A part of the class of a man is defined by the wristwatch. Having at least one watch in your collection is highly recommended for every man. However, it should be versatile enough to be paired with formal as well as casual clothes. A guy in sunglasses is irresistible. This is not just a staple to protect your eyes from sunlight, dirt, and dust but is a perfect way to add dimension to your overall personality. It is a well-known fact that footwear is the first thing that is noticed in a person. So, no matter which style of shoes you choose, make sure that they are clean and well-polished.

This is one aspect that can make or break your look, so, invest in the right pair of shave shoes. The scarf has become an inevitable part of the men’s fashion for the last few years. So, pair a scarf with your shirt or t-shirt and you’ll notice the difference yourself.

Maintain a stubble

Maintain Stubble
Hit the right note between having unruly beards and well-trimmed stubble. This is one way to leave a lasting impression. The well-groomed masculine characteristic is something that every woman finds attractive. A clean-shaven face is adorable, but a guy with a light stubble appears masculine and alluring. So, keeping a bit of a beard is always recommended. However, make sure that you maintain it properly. Moreover, it should be noted that the stubble would match your face cut and personality. Get them trimmed in a saloon and seek help from an expert to get the bang-on-trend look.

Layer up

Layer Up Clothing
Layering your clothes is the best way to an edge over others. Conventionally, a shirt, vest, and suit during winter and for formal occasions specifically. However, layering doesn’t mean being in a tuxedo and strict formals. You can even layer your clothes during Summer. There are thin hoodies and summer jackets available in the market. Even for a semi-formal look, you can pair the t-shirts with the coat. Pair the attire with a trendy scarf and this will change the game plan. Along with this, consider the lowest layer of your clothing as well.
Wear the right style of men’s underwear and this will accentuate your personality. Pouch enhancing underwear will enhance the visibility of your front profile. The seamless underneath article like men’s thong is perfect to take your style to the next level without compromising your true self.

Indulge in grooming

Groom yourself properly and it will add to your style. You need not for a manicure, pedicure like the ladies. Just keeping you neat and fresh is enough. Remove the unwanted hair of your body. Bathe properly and wash your face at regular intervals. Use the right fragrance of men’s cologne.

Stay fresh and you can turn head even in your usual clothes. Were these points helpful? Drop us a comment below.

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