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4 Underused Colors in Men's Underwear

4 Underused Colors in Men's Underwear


Someone once said that “men don’t need a lot of colors, they already have what they need”. Would you agree to disagree? I would but there are men who think otherwise. As a result, you’ll find the men’s fashion industry putting forward colors of all kinds that men might like. However, men still find themselves safe with basic options. So, if that’s the state of the clothing industry (outfits), what will happen in the men's underwear industry?

With a brand like Cover Male which offers some of the chicest shades for the underneath fashion, men must reconsider their choices. Which shades are the most underused for below the belt fashion? Let us take a look at the 4 most underused colors in men’s apparel.


Do you still feel that pink is a girlish color? Well, you must know that it is noted in the history that until the 19th century, pink was referred to as a masculine shade. It was later that the industry combined both pink and girls to raise their sales. From the basic briefs to male thongs and jockstraps, you’ll find the color looking absolutely stunning at the brand store.


Considered to be a royal color by the ancient Romans and Greeks, men who look for broadening their prospects. However, they’ve stopped doing it because more often they go wrong in choosing the exact shade which goes with their personality. Hence, they stop using it. Some even treat it as a color for females again. Cover Male has a darker shade of purple that looks purely masculine and complements the manhood.


A clear representation of nature, energy, and life, the green color often go wrong sometimes. With so many shades available, men opt for the ones that are stereotypical. For example, khaki, moss and more. With the mindset that “adding variance of colors down there is not necessary because no one will see” ruins everything. You can even try men’s camo underwear that includes khaki green prints.


Tricky as hell, even the most stylish personalities twice numerous times before opting for the bright color. Can you dare to sport the statement color? You can choose something that goes well with your skin tone whether it is bright sunny yellow or a little pale lime. Make sure it compliments you and don’t be scared to sport yellow underwear at the sportiest occasions.

There are no ifs and buts when it comes to donning a color that speaks opposite to your personality. You too can fancify your underneath fashion with the above-mentioned colors.

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