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5 Things that are sabotaging your fitness goals

5 Things that are sabotaging your fitness goals

Fitness is not about being better than someone else... It’s about being better than who you used to be. Setting the goals is easy, but following the same is something that calls for a lot of dedication and sacrifices. No matter how much you blame your alarm clock, the weather or your mother who cooks irresistibly tasty food, it is nothing else, but you who are disturbing the regime. “Set the goals and then demolish them”, is the usual practice of men. However, there are times when you get up early, you’re disciplined at the gym, yet you don’t see the result. In that case, there’s some serious sabotaging going on.

Have you ever felt this way? Wanna know the reason? Read the points below to find out what’s coming in the way of your fitness goals.

You hoard in the gym and splurge in the kitchen

Just sweating on the treadmill is not enough. You need to show discipline in the kitchen as well. Along with the workout, you need to plan out a regime as well. Not following a diet regime is a common habit in most men. You are bound to starve after exercising, but you need to control the eating habit. Guzzling right after you return from the gym will leave the entire effort in the vein. So, make sure that you control your eating habits along with the amount of calorie.

Starving in the name of diet

Starving in the name of diet

There is a wide gap between starving and dieting. The cheat day doesn’t mean that you can to indulge in all sorts of calories and junk food. Your body needs good nutrients to perform well. Men, in general, are in a hurry to get the six-pack abs. This is why they restore proteins and ignore the basic need of the body. As a result of which, the craving forces you into getting yourself into high-calorie food.

So, make sure you’re getting your fair share of vitamins and calorie on daily basis. Eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits. This will keep you full and you can cut on the treat foods to intensify your results.

You’re dehydrating yourself

Health Drink
This is another reason that prevents your hard work from showing the result. You need to keep yourself hydrated when you are working out. Not having enough supply of water in your body, leads to exhaustion and restricts your body. Your body needs water every ten to twenty minutes during exercise. Replenish water more frequently than what you’ve been doing as of now. Along with the plain water, make sure that you’re having health drinks to boost your stamina.

Control your drinking habits

The night of indulgence may be a pleasant change from the boredom but takes a toll on your health. As per a report, alcohol consumption messes up your fitness goals. According to a survey, the participants consumed more alcohol when they exercised. Moderate alcohol consumption, that is, not more than one drink in a day have some health benefits. However, drinking like a fish should be avoided. Alcohol is a simple sugar and it metabolizes in the body as fat. Keep the delicacies in reserve for the cheat day and control your drinking habits.

You wear the wrong clothes

Gym Clothing
Investing in the gym membership and the right trainer is not enough. You need to have the right gear for rigorous physical activity. Wearing the right shoes will maximize your results. Not only footwear, but even gym attire is also equally important. The tank top or t-shirt should be airy and comfy.
The inconvenience caused by the uncomfortable attire restricts you from giving the best. Along with the outer garment, choose the right style of men’s underwear. Jockstrap underwear or boxer briefs will provide you the right amount of support, thus, facilitating the physical activity. Update your wardrobe with some trendy tops and sexy bottoms like men’s flag underwear, this will even motivate you to have a physique that can complement the stylish apparel.
Have you been sabotaging your goals in these ways? It is high time to buckle up and start all over again.

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