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6 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your below the belt style

6 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your below the belt style

Have you seen anyone talking about their below the belt health? I haven’t! Yeah, no one really talks about keeping yourself healthy or in check down there but that does not mean they don’t think about the same or are not concerned. If you take by example, it has always been women who are praised for how clean they are how they take care of themselves, but when it comes to men, things go a little unnoticed because - nobody talks about it.

This blog is more of awareness rather than just an ordinary blog that talks about below the belt style and health. Men are lazy. Let’s just face it. Hence, we’ve kept some ridiculously easy ways to improve your fashion quotient giving it a healthy look and a happy feeling.


It is the very first step that you need to take if you really want to come across as a pleasing personality. Manscaping or shaving off your hair follicles down there is not only about cleaning the area; it is what keeps your assets healthy and maintains the temperature inside the pants.

Keep it smelling good

When you manscape, you take the first step towards a good looking intimate area. What makes it better is when it smells good too and shaving off or waxing helps here. You can use a gentle cleaning agent (more of a gel or foam) that spreads easily on the area when you are bathing. Apply it, wash it off and repeat once before going to sleep.

Keep it dry

Who likes their assets wet and swampy?? Do you like that on a summer noon, you are walking in the sun, having fun in the sun and just in time your manhood is crying for help while the entire area is drenched with sweat? Nobody likes that feeling. Hence, keeping it dry is what the next step in the queue.

Washing is one way to do the same, but using cold water in the last would be better and so would applying talcum powder would be.

Avoid rashes

Another problem that can take your peace of mind away from you and cause you so much pain, rashes or chafing. The harsh fabrics and the constant rubbing of the assets while sweating can cause a lot of painful chafing. Starting with the redness on the area, the feeling of itchiness would be followed by a painful area that would later abstain from wearing any kind of male underwear.

Boxers would be your best friends while anything else whether it is the bulky briefs or the thong underwear, it would be a not allowed.


Overheating of the below the belt region is accustomed to what kind of apparel style you are wearing. Is it breathable or not? Does the fabric breathe well?? If the fabric doesn’t, does your pair have sheer underwear qualities that would let air free flow? Take into concern all this and you would be able to solve the problem of overheating. Moreover, avoid having constrictive pouch options in men’s briefs or boxer briefs.


Don’t all love to reach out and scratch down there when the area is constantly compelling you to do it just one last time? However, in the process of “one last time” for the 100th time, the itchiness turns into something graver and more painful. Avoid anything that sticks extremely close to your body and keeps you manhood feeling comfortable.

The key to dressing is to be yourself, but make sure you take these into the concern to have an overall pleasing personality.

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