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8 essential Dating Tips for Introverted Men

8 essential Dating Tips for Introverted Men

People who don’t talk much are actually saying a lot of things inside. Are you one of those guys who notice everything, but do not get noticed? Well, for all those who think that you’re boring and not as fun as they are, here’s what you can tell them. Shy people usually turn out to be the coolest people once you start talking to them. With the calmest face and loudest mind, you can conquer the world without actually following the footstep of the social butterflies.

However, for the reserve personalities, the most difficult thing is to be around the person who's in love with it. “The worst thing is when you are caught staring at a person and the best feeling when you catch the same person staring back at you”. Have you ever felt this way before? Are you afraid of asking your date out? Remember one thing, silence can be really sexy on a man. You just have to believe in yourself. Here’s a compilation of some essential dating tips for all the introverted man.

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Choose the venue carefully

It is not that being the person is scary for you. It is just the public makes you conscious. So, you need to choose a location where you get to talk and know the person. Select a quite destination which is less crowded. Going to the movies is a good option, but you won’t get to talk much. So, you can reserve a table at a quiet restaurant.

Don’t pretend to be an extrovert

Being who you’re is the best way to leave a lasting impression. People generally mess up things when they try to be what they're not. You don't pretend to be someone else. Just be yourself. Admit the fact that you're not comfortable making the first move or talking your heart out right away. If a person is the right one for you then you'll be accepted the way you are.

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Rehearse with your friend

The date is not a role play that you can mug up your lines and speak up on the stage. However, practice will surely make you perfect. You just can't rehearse the entire outing, but you can practice the initial parts. Like how you'll greet her and introduce yourself. Their tips will always help you in making the first impression.

Dress to impress

The dressing is the very thing that you need to consider on a date, whether you're an introvert or an extrovert. Sticking to the formals is the safest option. Men look dapper informal appearance. Wear a sleek cotton shirt and pair it with a well-fitted trouser. You can even wear a coat if you want. The shades of white, pink, black and check patterns are ideal for the special occasion. Wear the right style of men's underwear.

Something like pouch enhancing underwear can boost your self-confidence as well as visibility of the front profile. Match the attire with the classic accessories like wristwatch and goggles. Make sure that you wear a clean pair of footwear that matches your attire.

Manners to Deal With a Girl


Chivalry is definitely a turn on occasions like this. Be on time at the venue. You can even offer to pick her up if you're meeting a woman. Being a gentleman is never out of fashion and it definitely gives a reason for the person for taking you seriously. The etiquettes of a gentleman don't mean that you have to show off your machismo. Just behave well and the impression will be made.

Be a good listener

One of the best traits of introverts is that they are good listeners. Take advantage of this positive aspect. Do not force yourself to do what you're not good at. Let your partner do the talking and you just sit back and listen. Every person enjoys the company of the person who talks his/her talks seriously.

Do not underestimate yourself

Saying things like, "You are too good to like me" or "I'm way too ordinary to be your love interest", should be avoided. Every person has a different personality and underestimating yourself is not right. Let the person make his own decision. You just concentrate on enjoying the special evening.

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Take it easy

No matter what happens in the future, it is just a date. You are not getting married to the person straight away. So, just take it easy. Instead of forcing yourself too hard to impress your date, just sit back and let. Take this as an opportunity to meet a new person. You never know, you might end up finding your soul mate.

Did you find these points helpful? What was your date experience? Share with us in the comment below.

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