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Brand New: Cover male Hammock G-String

Mens g-string underwear

Well well, what do we have here?? Is it the brand new men’s underwear by Cover male underwear?

Hell yeah!!

The men’s underwear style is called the Hammock g-string underwear for men by Cover Male underwear. The name serves quite how the sexy underwear for men looks like. Cover Male is an underwear brand that features styles that are conventional, adds a twist to them, and makes sure that personalities who are ready to take that little step to sexify their personalities. Whether it is the line of men’s briefs that are the stepping stone for men wanting to try men’s bikinis or male thongs for men wanting to get their legs in g-string underwear for men. The label has been trying really hard to deliver the best fabric blends, the most sensuous cuts, and the most supportive fits that every man’s underneath fashion needs. The collection of men's g-string underwear by the tasteful and cheeky men's underwear label Cover Male is kept to the essential for various reasons. Regardless of whether it is the point of maintaining the attention on the comfort the style gives or leaving the butts alone the focal point of fascination, the Cover Male g-strings for men are intended for those who look for comfort in their underneath design keeping it insignificant on the coverage.

Cover Male CML019 Hammock G-String


The Hammock men’s g-string underwear by the brand is one such example that is a perfect men’s hot underwear when you want to chill out on a sunny day. The male g-strings feature a comfortable hammock-like fit on the body with the front hanging. The manhood feels comfortable in the hammock-like pouch underwear that not only comforts it but also holds it well for visibility. The top of the pouch is creased and the string waistband passes through holding the entire g-strings for men in one place.


If you flip the men’s underwear style, you’d find a single string passing through the buttocks and keeping it all together. The butts are left bare and the perfect option for equal suntan in the back.


Colors Available:

Black, red, and Blue

mens g-string

Check out the features of the men’s g-string underwear below:

  • Men’s g-strings by Cover Male
  • Minimal and sexy design
  • Bare back
  • Hammock-like pouch that is tiny yet comfortable
  • Low rise underwear with a string that sits comfortably
  • Fabric composition: Polyamide and Spandex

Shop the men’s g-string underwear here - Cover Male CML019 Hammock G-String


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