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Cover Male men's underwear styles that are perfect for New Year

Well, Get ready to do warm welcome on New Year with these amazing collection of Covermale mens underwear styles. Read more here:

Since 2011, Cover Male is in men's underwear industry offering some of the best styles of male underwear. Furthermore, being a newcomer in this field, they have demonstrated that they are worthy of being conveyed. Furthermore, the styles of Cover Male including underwear and swimwear, have created a special place in the hearts of the male population and even in the cabinet. 

Cover Male styles of male underwear as well as swimwear are not only stylish but comfortable and supportive and this is the main reason behind suggesting men wear underwear styles from the brand. And instead of wearing old pairs of men's underwear, opt for styles from the latest collection.  This men's underwear blog will help you decide on the perfect pair for yourself.

Style 1: Cover Male CMK036 Wolgin Micro Thong

Cover Male Wolgin Micro Thong underwear for men is our first choice. It is comfortable, easy to carry, and gives a great exposure to your features. Though it's simple-looking underwear, however, a feature that makes it quite interesting is the sheer fabric panel at the back. 

Cover Male CMK036 Wolgin Micro Thong

Polyamide and Spandex make this thong comfortable, supportive and flexible. Therefore, you can wear it even when working out.

Style 2: Cover Male CML003 Power G-String

Let's be honest, this sexy style of men's G-string underwear is not meant for shy people. This sexy male underwear is a beautiful pair. The panels on the pouch area look so good due to contrast-colored piping.

Cover Male CML003 Power G-String

Style 3: Cover Male CMK018 Slip Thong

This is my favorite pair of underwear after all it offers great exposure and I love to flaunt my assets. This pair of male thongs gives me the confidence of keeping my best foot forward. Speaking about the design, this style includes a waistbelt and a pouch, and a triangular-shaped fabric at the back. Hence your butt gets the right exposure.

This pair of male underwear is perfect for occasions like sexual intercourse and foreplay.

Style 4: Cover Male CMJ021 Brief

What do you feel about briefs? If u yostill believe that briefs cannot provide your features with great exposure and are kind of boring, then you haven't introduced yourself with Cover Male's CMJ021 Brief underwear.

This style of male underwear seems like thongs on the front and bikini on the back. This pair of men's brief underwear is great for beginners because not only does it enhance your features, but is designed in sexy fabrics. Designers have used panels of sheer fabric on the sides of the waistband. Moreover, it comes with a brand logo on the front.

Cover Male CMJ021 Brief

This pair of men's brief underwear has been designed in fabrics like Nylon and Spandex. Nylon and Spandex, together make this style flexible, stretchable, and suitable for everyday activities. If you don't feel confident and secured in styles like G-string and thong underwear on the beach, Cover Male CMJ021 Brief underwear for men can be considered. This pair of male lingerie is available in different colors such as Black, White, Red, and Blue.

Style 5: Cover Male CM113 Cheek Boxer Sheer

Cover Male Cheek Boxer Sheer has completely changed the perspective of people looking at boxers. Men less consider wearing boxers for times when they have to look good, during sexual intercourse and foreplay times. This sexy male underwear is lightweight and offers a good amount of coverage down there. Furthermore, to enhance the look of the pair, designers have used one shade darker for piping. The sheer fabric used in it offers a glimpse of your features very well.

Besides sheer fabric, designers have used 92% Polyamide and 8% Spandex. Moreover, the short and square-cut offer little extra coverage. This is another great alternative for men who feels shy in styles like male jockstrap and men's G-string underwear and wish to look sexy without compromising with the comfort factor.

Happy New Year

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