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Easter Colors with Cover Male Underwear

In this post, you will check the colorfull underwear that are perfect to match the Easter Colors on this special day. Also you will get amazing discount at covermale store.

Easter boasts (perhaps) the nicest hues of all the holidays—don't worry, we still loooooooove you, Halloween... There's simply something about pastels that makes our Grand millennial hearts skip a beat. Further, cotton candy pink, mild sky blue, mint green, and more inspire images of dappled sunlight on grassy meadows in the springtime. Beyond their beauty, Easter colors have significant symbolic value, as they represent the great changes from Lent through Good Friday and eventually Easter Sunday.

Easter 2022

Cover Male has always been the one male underwear brand that features peppy colors. Well, there's no denying that there are others brands as well. However, Cover Male has been offering colorful pairs when there weren't many options. In this blog, we will talk about popular Easter colors that are available with the brand.

Shall we start? Let us go forth and check them out.


Red is, unsurprisingly, linked to sacrifice, blood, heroism, and flame. These pictures of devastation also represent a fresh start on the horizon. Palm Sunday's color is red, according to Catholic Financial Life.

Cover Male CMK058 Left Side Thong

Cover Male has a gigantic collection of underwear for men in red. Red is also a significant color when it comes to passion and love. Therefore, if you are planning to spend the holiday with your partner, this color is your go-to option. The Left Thong by the brand is a stunning number. The mens thong features a sexy cut-out on the right side as well. Moreover, the see through thongs in the back allow a lot of breathability for your assets.



White is the color of joy, love, virtue, sanctity, and all things celestial, especially Jesus Christ's purity.

Cover Male CMH007 Brief

Talking about white color in general, it represents purity, peace, and a lot more goody things. Further, let us coordinate with the conventional yet modern men's bikini brief by Cover Male. The Mens sheer briefs by Cover Male have something about them that makes them unique. In fact, it is the sheer back that allows your butts to breathe well. Moreover, the front is all about pouch underwear for men that holds and supports the manhood.



The color violet is associated with Lent and, more particularly, the day preceding Easter. It's for this reason that you'll see it a lot in church sanctuaries. It was formerly a valuable dye, which is why it's typically connected with royalty, and it symbolizes repentance, humility, and sorrow.

Cover Male CMK054 Razor Thong

For some purple is a feminine color. However, that's not true! Purple is as masculine as black. In fact, it is just about perception. The Cover Male Razor Thong is a stunning number. The respective mens thongs are apt for stylish personalities. With a shiny solid front that is popular as pouch enhancing thong underwear, it is the stringy sides that look appealing. Last, the back is that of a conventional thong.



Pink is a happy hue that is also worn to commemorate Jesus Christ's purity and resurrection.

The Cover Male Running Shorts have been a bestseller collection for I don't how long. What matters is that you get more than 10 different colors in the men's running shorts and pink is one of them. Further, if you want to have a peppy celebration with something that is comfortable, less supportive, and pleasing to the eyes, these running shorts for men are the best.

Cover Male CM109 Running Short

So, which of these colors would you like to have this Easter? Do let us know which Cover Male underwear is your favorite in the comments section.


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