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How wearing color can influence your mood - Pride Month Edition

Color is a significant instrument for communication as well as a method for us to express ourselves. The color of our attire acts as a signal to others, informing them of our identity. When we put on our clothes in the morning, we're telling ourselves who we want to be and how we want to feel, with color playing an important role.

Look through your closet and discover what feelings each hue evokes. Does wearing subdued tones with splashes of color make you feel more confident or less confident? Experiment with a variety of activities. While you're having breakfast, does green make you feel tranquil, but when you're working, does it make you feel heavy? You can find the ideal balance for your moods by trial and error.

Pride Month 2022


Well, in this blog, we will talk specifically about the Pride Flag and its colors. To start with, you should know that every color in the flag has its meaning.

What to know about the colors of the Pride Flag?

The rainbow flag, which was primarily hand-stitched and hand-dyed in eight hues — pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, and purple — evolved much more than a simple response to homophobic conduct. Eventually, it became a worldwide emblem of LGBT pride, hanging from windows, soaring high at rallies, and sprouting out all over the country. The flag's pattern was modified to satisfy requirements as the flag's prominence expanded, and by 1979, the six-color version had become the official emblem of homosexual pride.

June is officially Pride Month. Therefore, it is time for you to soar high and understand the meaning of different colors in the Pride Flag. In fact, the meanings also show how the colors can influence your mood. Moreover, in this blog, we will also see why Cover Male is the supportive men's underwear brand for your celebrations.


Love is Love


The color Red signifies life and is the highest placed color in the pride flag.

pride month flag


The next band of the spectrum is bright and vivid, and it represents healing, a symbol that is especially significant in light of recent events.


The yellow streak on the pride flag symbolizes sunlight and warmth. In addition, it sends a reminder about being oneself rather than hiding in the shadows.


Green signifies nature in the rainbow flag, as it does in many other places.



When the flag was reduced from eight to six colors, the original turquoise and indigo stripes were substituted with blue, a cool and soothing hue associated with serenity.


Leaving the best for last, purple represents the spirit and is available at the bottom of the flag. Lilac was the last hue of the spectrum even when the flag had 8 stripes.

Cover Male has always been the one with colors. In fact, the line of Cover Male Underwear offers a chic and vibrant line of colors available. Furthermore, whether you trust this or not, colors certainly an important role in how you feel. With peppy colors like orange, pink, or yellow, you will have that pep in your walk. However, with shades like black, you know that you feel strong, robust, and authoritative. Going further, some colors can make you feel gloomy as well. Hence, you need to choose the colors carefully.

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