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Fun Facts About Men’s Underwear That You Should Know

Men's underwear has experienced rapid growth in recent decades. However, it is time to recognize the brands that have anticipated new trends and made men's underwear fashionable. Moreover, they made men realize that men's underwear is also an essential part of clothing that can have significant impacts.

The history of the men's industry is remarkable, and along with the journey, jockstraps have also improved their styles with growth and time. Nowadays, people are just not getting over the wide variety of styles the men's underwear industry offers, such as men's bikinis, men's briefs, men's g-strings, men's jockstraps, and many more.

Every day, thousands of men put on jocks for a number of reasons. While many people use them for sports, others rely on them for business and exploration. In honor of these essential clothes, here are five exciting tidbits regarding men's underwear and jockstraps.

History of Men’s Underwear

People used to prefer loincloths as clothing because they felt more comfortable and flexible when wearing them. After that, it underwent a few transformations, and today we know that style as jock briefs. Overall, loincloths were the first type of underwear style. 

Cover Male CMK075 V-Shape Seductive Thong

These were typically worn with a belt and consisted of a single piece of material. Lingerie showing a loin was worn as early as 7000 B.C.


There is always a discussion between men’s boxers and men’s briefs. According to the records, 41% of people support briefs, and 27% are bound to boxer briefs. 

As both are designed with the same material and just differ in the leg covering length. One covers the thigh, while the other fits snugly. However, people just want to flaunt their thigh cuts and abs. Hence, briefs take the cherry off the cake.

Cover Male CMI056 Half Mesh Bikini

Scientific research has shown that one's underwear preferences change depending on their relationship state. Married men, on the whole, change their underpants twice as often as their single counterparts. It's probable that this is the case because guys who live alone choose to wear their underwear for as many days as they can before washing them. Men who share living quarters with their spouses, on the other hand, have someone to rely on to remind them to change and do the laundry.

Regards and Best Wishes – Men’s Underwear

Those who want to improve their underwear styles will get back on track as the new year begins. They have the spirit of starting a new year with new things and new goals. However, there is a quote starting like; this: "The underwear color you choose to wear on December 31st sets the tone of your year ahead. 

Cover Male CMK069 Color Slash Thong

Wearing blue brings excellent health while donning pink signals a romantic disposition. Brazilians, for example, make it a point to celebrate the new year in brand-new men’s underwear.

First-ever in the history of the world

As always, most people will stick to their old pair of men's underwear, and there will be a few who will push themselves and go to extremes to purchase a wide variety of men's underwear.

Cover Male CMK060 Half Naked Thong

For example, the world record breaker, Jack Singer from New York, has purchased 215 pairs of men's underwear at the same time. 

Think of Jack every time you put on a pair of premium jocks and remember how much better you'll feel!


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