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Three pairs of underpants are NOT enough... is it??

Three pairs of underpants are NOT enough... is it??


I’m sure this question would have crossed your mind at some point in time. You may laugh it out, but this is definitely a question that needs clarification. This query became a topic of argument on a discussion forum named A lady shared her experience saying, “ Noticed there were hardly ever pairs of DP's pants in the wash basket, so I bought him a pack that looked comfy and were reasonably priced and put them in his underwear drawer”. Just like any other man, DP replied that he’s not a woman and he doesn’t need to change his underwear every day.

The question raised by the lady is whether three pairs of underpants are enough or not. Well, the answer is, Absolutely not! And this applies to both men as well as women. Having enough pairs of underwear is not a matter of your masculinity, but it all about personal hygiene and health. As per experts, having a supply of 3 weeks is a sensible approach. Do you still think that keeping a stock of undies will prove to be an expensive proportion? Here are some of the reasons in support of this that will make you rethink.

  • At least 14 pairs of men’s underwear are required if you don’t do your laundry daily. Men, in general, don’t wash their clothes during working days. Even during weekends, you’ll have to wait for the clothes to wash. So, 6-7 pairs of undies are a must. Other than this, you need to keep some undergarments in reserve, so that, you don’t run out of it during the week.

  • Different occasions call for different underwear styles. Office, parties, gym, and intimate events, you can’t just stick to the same cut for all places. For instance, in the workplace, you need something that is comfortable and supportive, such as men’s briefs. While working out, jockstraps are ideal as they provide ventilation and support down there. On the other hand, for romantic dates, the sexy undergarments like men’s thong underwear are ideal. If you sum it up, you’ll find that 3 pairs are not enough. Moreover, it’s not just about the number, you should have a stock of various styles as well.

  • Wearing the same pair of underwear more than once without washing is unhygienic. Especially, during physical activity or a strenuous gym session, your underwear bears the brunt of your sweat. Hence, it is recommended to change your clothes as well as your undergarment after a heavy session of perspiring activity. This calls for changing your underwear at least twice a day. Thus, owning 14 pairs of underwear appears to be a practical suggestion.

  • Moreover, the frequency of changing your underwear is related to health issues. Wearing the same pair of long leads to sweat retention that ultimately causes rashes, bacterial infection, and itching. Not only this, studies have found that wearing unclean undies leads to penile cancer as well. So, ditch the stereotypes if you want to live a healthy life.

Final say 

After analyzing the facts, I would recommend men to have at least 14 pairs of underwear. If possible you can keep a stock of 3 weeks. Make sure that you don’t wear undergarments without washing. What are your views in this regard? Share with us in the comments below.

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