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4 Fun Things to do this New Year

4 Fun Things to do this New Year

I am sure your family and friends would have already made their list of things that they’ll be doing the coming New Year. Have you made up your mind? Whatcha gonna do make your beginning of the year happening? Well, if you’re on the same track that this blog is talking about, you must go on and read it till the end.

This might come of some help if you are looking for options that will brighten your time with your friends or your partner in the coming year. Find below the fun options that you can do in the New Year.

Throw a party at home

Partying is what men do and they do it really well. Well, if you are entering into a new year, have friends to be around and you’re happy about, throw a party for them. You need not spend a lot on the food and booze, stay home, keep a theme like a pajama party of men’s underwear costumes or movie-themed party that’ll add sparkles to your celebration.

Do what you like to do the most

We all have our fetishes! Don’t we? You also might have something that you love to do when you are with people who know you as you are. You might love to spend your first day of the year in a spa or salon where you can go in for a group makeover.

A new hair cut, beard, manicure, pedicure and a lot more. This was just an example, you can do whatever you want to do with your crazy bunch.

Make crazy

Everyone makes resolutions on the very first day of the year and by the end of the next month, they fall apart. Next month? Some resolutions fall to their death the very next day. Well, that’s the charm of resolutions. You too can be the craziest with your lot and make stupid resolutions with your friends.

Go on a shopping spree

This might sound girly but men too can shop and can be a shopaholic. Me being one of them, I love to go out shopping with my friends. Men have their own likes and dislikes, you too would have some. Hence, you should start your year by heading to your favorite spot window shopping with your mates and buying what you like.

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