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Valentine’s Day - How to Celebrate it with Yourself

Valentine’s Day - How to Celebrate it with Yourself

Earlier this week, I was talking to a friend of mine who recently had a break-up. While the conversation was on, he told me about how he felt when Valentine’s Day was just around the corner. With all the preparations going on at various stores and brands, it made him feel sulkier with the thought that he’ll be all by himself.

It was then I decided to feature something that all the singles or the guys who’re going to be all by themselves this Valentine’s Day. What if you don’t have a partner, you have yourself to spend a fun-filled day. This blog would lay out the things you can do to celebrate the day of love with yourself.

Have a workaholic day/guys day out

This year Valentine’s Day being a weekday, it is a probability that you most of you would be working. For those of you who are, your day would be like any other day leaving aside the evening. For guys who are not working, the day of love must be spent with friends who are single like them. Let the bromance keep you occupied while having fun throughout the day.

Get the best of Valentine’s Sale

With love in the air, it also the time when people shop a lot for their partners. Hence, the sale time begins! With all the online stores and retail stores offering lofty discounts, why not spend time pampering yourself with some new clothes or accessories worth having. This is also the time when you can shop men’s underwear for yourself in a variety of styles to give your underneath fashion a makeover.

Go for a spa

Isn’t it cool enough to spend the day giving yourself the best treatment that you deserve? Well, the spa is a time that you can spend very well relaxing, getting the message and sweating out the stress of being alone. It is definitely the best feeling when you go for a foot massage or a body massage just because you want to but not because you need it. Well, if your gag goes along, it’ll be more the merrier.

Go to your favorite restaurant

Feed yourself with the most exotic delicacies at your favorite restaurant. Give a treat to yourself for being the best person and fill your stomach with both sweets and savory dishes. You can soak up the luxe atmosphere, enjoy awesome service, and eat the top of the line foods that you want to.

Have a dance party

There’s no better way to make the most of the celebration with yourself or with your friends than dancing to the craziest of songs. From Sia’s Cheap Thrills to Lean On, you can shake that booty to any song you want to. Once you’re done, you can fall in your bed sans your pajamas to get the feel of being sexy while you fall asleep. Wearing something like sheer underwear would be the icing on the cake.

There won’t be a better way to enjoy yourself than having a blast with yourself. What’s the idea of enjoying yourself? Do let us know in the comments below. Read more Valentin's Day Blog at

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