Men's Camo Underwear

Men's Camo Underwear
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Men’s camo underwear was introduced in the Cover Male inventory on public demand. As a men’s underwear brand that relies on providing what the consumer wants, the brand added the print because the valued customers really loved it.

Camo short for camouflage originally means, “the disguising of military personnel, equipment, and installations by painting or covering them to make them blend in with their surroundings”. The print was adopted from the U.S. military soldiers and brought straight to the underclothing designed by the sexy brand Cover Male.

The military prints is the monopoly print pattern available in the Cover Male inventory and is exceptionally handsome. It is like a breath of fresh air from your ordinary tighty whiteys and monochromatic colors. You won’t know the difference until you try it on.

When you take a walk in the inventory, you’ll find apparel styles like men’s bikinis, g-string, thongs, trunks, running shorts, boxers and their variants with the same camo print pattern that looks different on all of them. Hence, you have the option of choosing from all the kinds of coverage (full to minimal), cuts (conventional to skimpy) as well as varied fabric proportions that will leave you looking stylish and different from what you look like every day.

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