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Cheeky Underwear for Men

Well, if you are new to the fashion-forward world of men’s underwear styles that have been introduced in the last few years, men’s cheeky underwear is yet another variant in the industry. What is Cheeky underwear? Cheeky underwear is similar to boy shorts but they are higher allowing a bit of your butt cheeks to peek out.

Cover Male is of the most adorable yet functional apparel brand that offers the respective assortment in a wide variety to all of you. Cheeky underclothing articles are true to their name and enhance your posterior by revealing the lower part of it. Adopted from the women’s lingerie style, this style is quite naughty, amply sexy and modish. They have less coverage than bikinis but more than thongs or G-strings. The front and waist portion are mostly covered. If you are someone who doesn’t want to make a bold statement and want to stay a little more modest, then a Cheeky apparel is best for you.

Cover Male has a delectable assortment of styles including briefs and boxer briefs in the respective cut. The catalog is all about handsome colors, solid designs (some also have sheer panels for added excitement) and contouring pouch options.

How to Buy Cheeky Underwear at Cover Male?

Having talked about what cheeky underwear looks like and how Cover Male makes to be the ideal men’s underwear brand that offers the respective style, the following mentions the buying guide for you all. With brand stores like the brand itself, the experience of shopping is easy, seamless and very pleasant. Before you step up to buy the undergarment style by the brand, following are the steps that you must consider.

Measure yourself well: Size plays an important role in getting you all comfortable with the sexy underwear styles. Being comfortable and confident at once can be an awesome feeling and that’s exactly what the label tries to impart. When it comes to cheeky pieces, you have to be extra careful because the rear is made to look like sensuous thong underwear leaving the butts for the show. Hence, if you invest in the wrong size, you sign up for an uncomfortable feeling.

Log in to Cover Male

Once you’re prepared for the measurement, you can log into After that, make sure you sign up for the same (if you are a new customer) or log in with your credentials.

Choose your favorite cheeky underwear

Choose cheeky underwear from the drop down menu on the homepage and select your favorite pair from the products available on the page. Choose your desirable one making sure your correct size and the color you’re looking for from the filters mentioned in the sidebar.

Know what do you want to opt for

With the looks of a brief underwear with high cuts in the back, you’ll also find boxer briefs with same tasteful cuts and more. You can choose from the options that appeal you the most. You’ll also find the heat rising with sheer underwear in the category that calls for some sizzling action.

Pouch matters

One of the most important aspects that make your cheeky pair a true companion for your manhood is the pouch crafted by the brand. From the conventional supportive pouches to pouch enhancing underwear products, the vast collection offers reasons to slip. The brand store makes sure the pouch does everything from pleasing to showing as well as elevating the position of the manhood to a better place for the big bulge down there.

Make the payment, relax and wait for the delivery: Once you’ve added the product(s) to the cart, all you have to do is make the payment by your desired payment method available by the store. Then you just have to sit back and wait for the delivery to dropped at your residence.

These are the steps with which you can shop Cheeky Underwear at Cover Male. You can even check out the color palette, fabric combination as well as the cuts on the sides for your own satisfaction and experience sexiness in your basic clothing.