Men's Sheer Underwear

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Men's See Through Underwear

Being a part of novelty styles, men’s sheer underwear is not easily accessible at every department store or not meant for every day. At Cover Male, the respective men’s underwear style is available in excess at the most pocket-friendly prices.

What is sheer? “Sheer is kind of fabric which is made using thin thread and/or low density of knit and which results in a semi-transparent and flimsy cloth”, according to Wikipedia. Some of them have the tendency to become transparent when wet. The construction of the holes (net stitch) varies according to knots of fibers. They can be loose knots for better visibility and exposure that give room to your privates to breathe. Other varieties can be partially sheer and so on.

Cover Male offers a wide range of apparel in sheer fabric. Styles available with the online store are: bikinis, g-strings, thongs, trunks, boxer briefs and jockstraps. As an added advantage, you can even select from the sheer coverage for yourself. For example, the Protract brief offers one-side partial covering whereas; Passion Bikini has sheer sides. Hence, whether you want full sheer or parts of it; Cover Male has got you covered.

Mostly available in black and white (full sheer), you’ll be able to find other vibrant shades as well (partial sheer panels) such as turquoise, royal blue, red and more. Sheer underwear not only looks provoking and enticing; they are highly practical and sensible. They can be worn as everyday wear and also for your perfect sensuous evenings.

Which are the popular styles available in sheer?

Cover Male Sheer Underwear is all about showing off what you have down there and the brand knows how to do it without finding it weird. The collection offered by the brand has everything from tiny sheer panels to overall see-through designs that bring the best of you to the forefront. The bestselling styles available in sheer underwear by Cover Male are mentioned below. Take a look at them.

Bikini Underwear

Adopted by women, bikinis have always been cherished by men. The fashion industry has acquired the style and also made sure that the styles are available with absolute masculinity. Being around for quite some decades now, the sheer factor makes it sexy, subtle and very stylish. Men who look for options closer to brief underwear but the desire for a sexier coverage, bikinis are their ideal choice. Sheer features make the style even sexier to flaunt or to feel sexy about oneself. They are available in such a wide variety of colors, pouch options, fabrics and more. They are sensuous, appealing and very comfortable.

Thong Underwear

Sexy by looks and comfortable by feeling, thong underwear by Cover Male has been an ideal choice for men who look up to the style as first timers. Being new to the style, the brand makes sure that the comfort level is met and there won’t be any scope of regretting with the fashionable. When the style was introduced, it was barely there for covering purposes but brands like Cover Male offer sensual and erotic pieces that are way more useful now as the bedroom attires. Sheer thongs are sexier, more revealing and very appealing because of the see-through feature. Whether you seek it as a secret confidence enhancer or merely for pleasure purposes; the men’s underwear brand has numerous options.

Jockstrap Underwear

Jockstrap underwear by Cover Male is a combination of fashion and function. Thinking about the combination of the jockstrap with sheer? Well, depending on the amount of sheer used in the pairs, the sex appeal goes a level up. Though the style was made for the sporty purposes but eventually fell into the fashion category because men found the exposure in the back too revealing. Hence, the brands took the chance to design the style for pleasure purposes. Cover Male jockstraps are designed to make you feel good and the sheer feature helps you feel sexy and confident.

G-String Underwear

Lastly, the skimpiest men’s underwear and the most revolutionary style available in the men’s apparel industry are the close cousins of thongs, men’s g-string underwear. Very revealing by nature, the sexier, skimpier and are totally meant for pleasure purposes. If the motive is to get down and dirty, g-strings of the numerous brands are the perfect match for your taste and likes. They are tempting, tantalizing and a must have for the great bedroom action.

These are the styles available in the sheer category.

Which are the features of Sheer Underwear?

Sex appeal: When it comes to seeing through, the outfits become sexier. Think about having the same sex appeal and freedom to see what’s down there when it comes to the underneath fashion. When you get to see a part of the skin or the entire manhood; the sex appeal jumps up to the next level. Having the something so sensual and appealing below the belt can actually raise the level of heat because you see is not the ordinary.

Innovations in designs

Cover Male has a vast inventory that has numerous pieces with sheer panels or sheer all around; the designs offered by the brand range from subtly sexy to pure sinful desires. You can choose from the solid pouch and sheer all over to tease and tempt while all sheer is what catches the maximum attention.


Cover Male like it was mentioned earlier is a brand that makes sure you fall in love with whatever you choose because comfort is the basic idea. With comfort comes confidence because you know that there’s nothing wrong and you look absolutely stunning.

Great for romantic life

Just like women have the opportunity to sport the various fabrics in their lingerie, the label makes sure that men too get that many options. Fabrics like cotton, nylon, polyester, polyamide and many others are available with the brand store. If you feel that you’ve lost that age when you could also sport the sexy apparel; you need not have an age to find pleasure in wearing their partners/wives underwear in secret.