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Show More with Cover Male Brazilian Bikini

Show More with Cover Male Brazilian Bikini

It was like yesterday when I started wearing men’s underwear by Cover Male and when I look back at my stock, my closet is filled with the varieties of the same. Just like always, I recently bought the new Cover Male Brazilian Bikini and thought of sharing the details so that you won’t have to do all the research before buying it. The respective men’s bikini underwear is a desirable combination of sex appeal, exposure and eroticism.

The first thing that I noticed when I took a look at the sexy underwear was that the fabric composition was a great blend because it is lightweight, shiny and smooth textured. The Brazilian bikini is crafted out of 85% Polyamide and 15% Spandex that allows you to keep the manhood dry, comfortable and sweat free. Eventually I planned to slip into the fashionable pair and I could barely stop smiling because it was only my manhood that was covered and most of the skin was kept for the show.

With no fabric on the sides, the rear had 3/4th coverage and the front was covered, enhanced, and visible. The center seam on the pouch provides more room for the package to adjust. The benefit of the bikini is that it gives a fit between men’s thong underwear and male bikini. The waistband, the rear coverage and the exposure is what tease the senses. Available at nominal prices, the bikini is a total must have when the idea is to pamper yourself.

You can check it out at and stock all the five (5) color options available.

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One thought on “Show More with Cover Male Brazilian Bikini

  1. avatar Paolo Monaco says:

    Cover Male is pure male Elegance, is a Holiness of male Sexuality, The Door for sacred Lust of Masculinity ! Simply superb.

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