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G-String Underwear - What to Look For in Cover Male?

G-String Underwear - What to Look For in Cover Male?

Cover Male has a wide variety of men’s underwear styles that are a delectable combination of sex appeal and functionality. However, the bestseller assortments by the brand are limited to bikini, thong underwear, and g-strings for men. Which one’s your favorite? I have a fetish for the bikini by the label because of the wider coverage than the other too. Well, the current stock available at the brand store of men’s g-string underwear is way too sexy and scintillating with the added advantage of support down there. What’s that makes Cover Male g-strings so sexy and must-have for every adventurous personality?


The very first reason to opt for Cover Male is the vast and vivacious assortment of colors offered by the brand. From the basic black and white, the collection comprises of shades such as yellow, orange, purple, pink and more for you all. Not satisfied? Well, you’ll also find sheer underwear pieces and also the camo underwear print in the category.

Minimal fabric:

When it comes to the construction, the brand kept it minimal and consistent with its shape as well as coverage. The triangular shaped pouch with a center seam for ample comfort with a string waistband and no coverage in the rear is what calls for g-strings by the brand.

Athletic approach:

This might sound abrupt, but there are pieces which can be worn every day as well as for sporty purposes like not so rigorous workouts. They offer flexibility, comfort and ample room for breathability. The supportive pouch provides comfort for the whole day for all kind of sports activities.

Perfect for date nights:

Well, you must be confused that how can an athletic pair be perfect for romantic evenings. Let’s just face it guys that you cannot wear an ordinary pair of intimate apparel for your date. If you would, then there won’t be anything happening at that particular moment. So, g-strings are made to tempt and tantalize the taste buds of the partner and hence, you should wear it.


A constant fabric ratio of 86% polyamide and 14% spandex is what you’ll find in the category. Now you’ll say, what’s so special about that? The specialty about this composition is that you can wear the pairs as underwear as well as men’s swimwear. With these aspects and so many features, why would you opt for something else?

If you have any other reason for which Cover Male should opt, do let us know in the comments below.

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One thought on “G-String Underwear - What to Look For in Cover Male?

  1. avatar Jolly says:

    I have used the underwear of Cover Male, so, I can say that all the points mentioned in the article is true. However, you still need a lot of guts to wear something as revealing as a g-string. I'm currently using the boxers and briefs of Cover Male, but I still can't dare for the g-strings and bikinis.

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