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Ways To Increase The Age Of Your Thongs

Ways To Increase The Age Of Your Thongs

Well, don’t we all want to increase the durability of our favorite clothes? Whether it is underwear for men or the outfits, we all desire to keep them a little longer. However, when it is specifically about the most basic of clothing, you must know that they need a lot of care and maintenance to live their life to the fullest. After all harsh detergents, you wear them for 4 days at a stretch and other factors reduce their life. When a pair of mens bikini that has a lot of fabric needs maintenance, what will happen to your thong underwear? Worried? Well, I have come to your rescue with the ways that will surely increase the age of your thongs.

Get the right fabric:

With fabrics so fragile and delicate used in the assortment of thongs, it automatically deteriorates the lifespan of the pair. However, you can wash them separately and carefully to keep them alive. You can even opt for fabrics like cotton, nylon, and other microfiber blends that are durable. Keep sheer underwear or silky ones for the special times so that they don’t get used as the regular ones. Know more about sheer apparel here.

Wash them with care:

Machine wash is strictly prohibited for such tiny pairs and only hand wash is recommended to keep them safe from wear and tear. Use a gentle wash and dilute it in warm, water. Soak them for a while and rub them one by one gently to remove the stains. Squeeze the detergent and keep under cold water to get off the remaining left on the fabric.

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Check for signs to buy a new one:

Now you’ve done your bit and now you should start looking for pairs that have worn out and should be removed from the underwear drawer. This happens a lot to us that there’s one pair we can’t afford to let go, but in order to keep your privates healthy; you should actually re-stock your wardrobe.

Have plenty to change:

When you are a thong fanatic, you’d have plenty of pairs to keep changing between them for every occasion. A good number will help you have a variety of thongs for all your needs in day-to-day life. This will give rest to your other pairs and you can use every pair of thong once in a while.

These are the ways with which you can give a longer life to not only thongs but to all the underclothing articles. For more pairs, check out Cover Male and start stocking.

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One thought on “Ways To Increase The Age Of Your Thongs

  1. avatar Peter says:

    Having a plenty of undies in your collection really helps increasing their age. If you don't use them frequently and wash them at regular intervals, they will last long. This trick is applicable for all the underwear and only thongs.

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