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Cupping and nothing else get Cover Male CML019 Hammock G-String

In this post, you will know about the why you have to pick the  Cover Male CML019 Hammock G-String that gives you perfect bulgy look and uplift your confidence as well....

Well, showing stuff is one thing and revealing is another. With this sexy piece, you are revealed by all means. With a design that is meant to boost your sex appeal, Cover Male presents this designer G-string for men. As this sexy men’s g-string offers a cup and nothing else, this piece is all that you need to impress your partner.  

Introduced in the year 2011, Cover Male is one of the finest brands in the field of men’s underwear. Barely acting on its name, Cover Male rarely cover the male. This can be seen in this very product. Moving forward with one motive, which is to make things exciting in this industry, Cover Male puts a lot of their resources in doing the same. 

Talking about the product. At the front of this designer men’s G-string, you are offered a cup-like pouch, this focuses on covering just your sensitive area, leaving all of your front profile to be viewed by your spectators. This pouch is built with a perfect composition of Polyamide and Spandex. Equipped with enough room for your special tool to expand and relax freely, this sexy men’s G-string offers more than you can think of. Attached to this pouch, you are offered a string that acts as a waistband and holds all your hefty assets in their natural positions. This sexy men’s G-string is also built, taking in consideration the amount of sweat and irritation down there. Making you feel dry and fresh all the time, this designer men’s G-string offers some traits that make you enjoy every moment of it.

Cover Male CML019 Hammock G-String

Moving to the back of this sexy men’s G-string, you are offered nothing but a piece of fabric that is enough to cover the gap between your buttocks, leaving a major portion of your buttocks to be viewed by your partner. The fabric is attached to the string, hence assuring the stability of everything that is covered. 

Available colors

Cover Male is well aware of the need for colors in the industry, that is why Cover Male offers not one or two but three different colors to choose from.

  • Black
  • Red
  • Royal Blue

 Cover Male CML019 Hammock G-String

Where to buy from


  • Hot and Sexy
  • Cupping 
  • Revealing
  • String as a waistband
  • Built with Polyamide and Spandex
  • So, this was it. If you liked what you saw then just stop thinking and get yourself into one of these.

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