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How to Keep White Underwear White?

How to Keep White Underwear White?

Doesn’t it sound like a big task that’s been thrown upon your head? Men are generally very reluctant to do the laundry in the first place and if by chance, their men’s underwear needs that extra effort; it’s a whole new responsibility. Being men is already a big task and then comes these white underwear, which needs more care than the partners itself. Well, you can even handle this like you handle other situations and that’s why I am here. I will put down all the ways with which you can keep your monochromatic shade as white as new and abstain from turning it into pale white or off white or even an altogether different colored pair.

White Underwear , Cover Male

Washing it properly:

The guys who are accustomed to keeping a whole stack of white briefs or bikinis would know what I am talking about. With an appropriate amount of baking soda (for the tough stains) or a gentle detergent with water would do the trick for cleaning the sexy product. Don’t let the baking soda stay longer on the fragile fabric because it might damage the threads and ruin the durability. Do not use bleach!

Wear them less often:

Oh yes! Another practical option of keeping white as white would be not to wear them on a regular basis. The lesser number of times you wash the white cheeky underwear, the paler it goes with every wash. The reasons behind it are the nature of water, detergents and the exposure to the sun. Eventually, the dirt keeps settling in the fabric, turning it paler every time. You can keep the white for the limited occasions where you think wearing them is necessary.

Quit wearing them:

With no whites, you wouldn’t need to clean them time and again. However, having white thongs or g-strings or even boxer briefs is essential for every man. The pure color provides coolness to the manhood in summers while still has a lot of charm. You can read why should you actually wear white underwear here. But, if you are someone who doesn’t like laundry, you might as well as call it quits here. With these practical reasons, you can very well keep all your white pieces white for a long duration. I would suggest you have one and try to maintain it for a span of time.

You’ll know how it feels down there as well as about its maintenance. Check out all the white-colored solid as well as sheer underwear at and New launches of men's underwear avail you to have an eye on new patter and to try on.

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One thought on “How to Keep White Underwear White?

  1. avatar Jule says:

    The best way to keep your underwear white is to keep them in starch for sometime after washing. The starch can remove the stain on them. I generally soak my underwear in detergent for few hours. This turns them as good as new.

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