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New Arrival: Cover Male CMI036 Tropics Micro Bikini Black

Cover Male CMI036 Tropics Micro Bikini

If you are on a quest to make your monotonous life a bit delicious and look forward in adding a bit of glee to it then you are right on the place. With nothing but style down there, this is the stuff you actually need. Recently launched by none other than Cover Male, this model is wearing Cover Male Tropics Micro Bikini. So, hang till the end of the page for a cracker of a ride.

Established in the year 2011, Cover Male is dedicated to wipe monotony out of that part of your lives which involves underwear and add style, fashion, and jubilation. Cover Male believes in something different, something that is different from usual and that is why they offer a variety of categories. From men’s bikini and men’s designer jockstraps to men’s thongs and men’s trunks, they have it all. The idea is to deliver, both quality-wise and fashion-wise and the proof of this fact is this very bikini.

Cover Male CMI036 Tropics Micro Bikini

Not to be confused by any usual men’s bikini underwear, this piece offers ultimate comfort. At the front of this piece, you are offered a pouch for your special one tool that does all the heavy lifting. We know the intensity of that lifting, that is why this pouch is equipped with elasticity which lets your thing expand as much as you feel like, that too without any contention. The pouch is built with a contour formation. This helps in keeping things where they are supposed to be. Moreover, this pouch supports your assets from swinging that might put a bad show out there. As discussed, this sexy men’s bikini is not to be confused by the usual ones, its features prove the point itself. Other than the pouch, at the front of this piece, you are offered a waistband that has all the creative look any underwear can have. The strings that act as the waistband come in three. One on each top end of the pouch and the third one attached to the right corner but going in the opposite direction, adding style and nothing else.

Moving to the back of this designer men’s bikini, you are offered an adequate piece of fabric, used to cover the obvious gap between the buttocks while boosting your overall personality.

The basic idea of this sexy men’s bikini is to reveal more than it covers, making things hot and spicy between the couple.

Its feature involves

  • Three-string waistband
  • Revealing
  • Lustrous
  • Strong, Sturdy yet comfortable
  • Perfect combination of polyamide and spandex 

So, get your hands on one of these before we run out of those.

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