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Why should men have male thongs in their closet?

Why should men have male thongs in their closet?

You have briefs in your closet, you have mens boxer briefs and Bermuda shorts as well but no thongs or mens G-strings, why being so old school? Is it because it looks feminine or it is because of skimpier construction?

If you not wearing thongs underwear because of its scanty construction understood but if you are not wearing it because of its feminine looking silhouette, then let me tell you fashion has no gender.

In this article, we will be focusing on a few facts of men's thongs after which you will definitely give it a place in your closet.
Trust me.

Mens Thong Underwear

They last for a long time.

When thongs for men are taken proper care by following correct washing, drying instruction for example instead of using tumble dry, going for being natural by letting them dry in the air, keeping them away from machine wash, etc, add up the age of thongs underwear. When one uses tumble dry for drying their underclothes that affects the elasticity of the underwear hence it will wear out sooner. You can use a towel to dry them up or even air dry. If you follow these instructions, your thong will at least a year or more. 

They are comfortable.

They are lightweight, comfortable and breathable at the same time and this is all because of less fabric consumed in them. One can enjoy these benefits, but oops, how will you experience them when you don’t have one?

Confidence boosters

This happens sometimes that even if you're wearing your favourite underwear, you still don’t feel comfortable due to extra fabric and sweat issues. You feel as if someone has packed your manhood, Even if you are wearing the most comfortable underwear. But if you choose to wear men’s thongs, such issues won't bother you because they don’t have space for extra fabric, hence you feel confident. Give it a shot.

Mens Thong Underwear

Good for your sex appeal

"Who's that guy with killing abs? Hey, look at his abdominal area! Well, I just can't take my eyes off from his tattoo which is at his back. ''

Who doesn’t likes to get attention from women? Who doesn't like hear such compliments about themselves? But how could you, when you still in love with your briefs. 

Thongs for men's G-strings are experts in enhancing the sex appeal of a person. Who are used to it, feel confident but the ones who are not habitual of this style shouldn’t try them? If they want even they can be a loyal customer of the g-string but before you switch to them it’s good to start with thongs as they are broader on the edges and gives you more confidence.


There is no harm in trying men's thongs underwear as they are ideal for a romantic evening so go for it without giving it a thought. 

Men worldwide (the majority of men) have started accepting this style of underwear with a warm heart and open arms because designers have changed the definition of Fashion for men. The ones who still not prefer giving space to them, are trying to give a shot then what is that one thing which is stopping you?

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